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If you are unsure of how to properly take your measurements for your Casting Networks profile, follow the handy chart above!

A. CHEST/BUST (M/F) – Circumference taken around greatest fullness.
B. WAIST (M/F) – Circumference taken around natural waistline.
C. HIP (F) – Circumference taken around greatest fullness.
D. INSEAM (F) – Taken from crotch to just below ankle bone.
E. NECK SIZE (F) – Neck size taken around base of neck.
F. SLEEVE LENGTH (F) – Sleeve length taken from prominent neck vertebrae.
G. HAT (M/F) – Circumference taken around head above ears.
H. COAT/LENGTH (M/F) – Measure from center of neck to desired length.
I. GLOVE (M/F) – Circumference of the widest part of your dominant hand.