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This Month’s Tip: What info to Get
when shooting a project
When you book a project and arrive on the set for the first day of shooting, particularly of a commercial, there is always a contract to sign. Many times the 2nd AD, the coordinator, or a PA may hand the paperwork to you but will take it back after signing and say that a copy will be mailed to you after it is counter-signed by the producer. For many reasons you should still ask for a copy of the material even before it’s counter-signed. They are required to provide it before an actor works and the union rules insist that actors should be given a hard copy of the document to keep on or before the first day of shooting.

Additionally, there is always a physical “call sheet” which contains crew names and contact information. Actors should ask the 2nd AD, or the coordinator, or a PA for a copy. If the document is only available digitally, it can be emailed to you upon request.

At the very least, even without paperwork, you should get the names of the production coordinator, production manager, 2nd AD, and at least one production assistant, along with their contact info (phone and email). You should also keep track of the name and details of the production company in case any questions arise after the shooting is finished.