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This Month’s Tip: Resume tips
The newly-revamped Casting Networks resume was created with Talent and Industry Professionals in mind. When entered into the system correctly, your resume displays prominent photos and easy-to-read credit lines. Here are instructions on how to edit your resume:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Roll over the word Resume in the toolbar and then click Edit Resume in the drop-down menu.
  3. To add a new heading click + Add a new heading here, then save what you’ve input by clicking on the disk icon to the right of your heading.
  4. To add a credit, click + Add a new credit here and save what you’ve input by clicking on the disk icon to the right of your credit.
  5. To move your headings or credits up or down, click on the up and down arrows next to each listing.
  6. To edit an existing entry, click on the pencil symbol to it the right of that credit or heading.  When you are finished editing the listing, click on the disk icon to save your changes.

Also, click here to view our video tutorial which will take you through the steps.  If you do not have any credits (yet), a resume is still important!  Your life experience and your skills are your resume. Type out something about yourself in the “Other Experience” section of your resume. For example, a baby may not have any credits, but their “Other Experience” could read, “Crawls backwards, very quiet baby, loves to be held and great with strangers”.