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Are your sizes up-to-date?

Did you change your hair recently? Lose a few pounds? You look awesome! But…did you update your Casting Networks profile to reflect the new you? Casting directors rely on up-to-date sizes and attributes when selecting talent for auditions and booking jobs. In fact, inaccurate/missing sizes is one of casting’s biggest pet peeves! Some commercial auditions, particularly for department stores & clothing brands, can be extremely particular when it comes to sizes. If you’ve gone down a dress size and failed to update your information, you’re not only wasting the casting director’s time, you’re making both yourself and the casting director look bad to his/her clients.

Take a few minutes today to update your information. We suggest double-checking your stats before every audition, because your digital size card is displayed alongside your audition for casting directors and their clients to reference. We promise, casting directors everywhere will thank you for keeping your information current!

For information on how to update your sizes and attributes, watch this short tutorial video.