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undateable1Ahhhh… there’s a lot of good improv and sketch comedy in Los Angeles.  We are lucky.  Second City is one of the best places to watch and learn, located in the heart of Hollywood.  They have regular improv and sketch shows every night of the week.  They’ve been around educating some really stinkin’ funny people for 50 years.  Second City knows funny.  Have you considered checking out a show?  You should!  The shows are inexpensive.  $5.00, maybe $10.00 and are short and sweet, catering to our ever-shrinking attention spans.  They leave us wanting more.

One of their many shows, Undateable is currently running every Friday night at 9:00 pm.  But it’s a wee bit different than their usual shows…

Undateable came about when Robyn Lynne Norris (who is a part of the ensemble cast) created a profile on OKCupid after being asked by a friend for some feedback on her profile.  The only way to view the profile was to create one herself.  Robyn proceeded to create what she thought was an insane profile of a crazy cat lady… one that no one in their right mind would respond to.  When hundreds of messages started pouring in, Robyn couldn’t believe that such an “undateable” profile could get such a response.  She then got her friend Bob Ladewig (also a part of the ensemble cast) in on the action and they, along with some other friends created and posted 38 fake and equally as “Undateable” profiles and posted them in cities all over the country.  This show is made up of the real people and real responses to these “Undateable” profiles.

Now, this isn’t an improv show.  This isn’t a sketch comedy show.  It’s a “comedic” (their words) show.  Which is a departure from the normal Second City thing.  Here’s what went really well:

The cast.  In addition to the previously mentioned cast members, Chris Alvarado, Rob Belushi, Amanda Blake Davis, and Kate Duffy are also part of the team.  All talented.  All hilarious.  How often do you hear that?  I’ll give a shout out to director, Frank Caeti as well.  He likely had something to do with helping the funny cast… to be even funnier.

The story.  I found the premise of the show intriguing and rich ground for potential hilarity.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The premise is fantastic.  People are crazy, certainly when looking for love.

The improv.  You may find this confusing, as I’ve already stated this isn’t an improv show.  True.  But there is a short section where a member of the ensemble asks questions of a few single people in the audience.  The ensemble, based on the responses, do a few short improved scenes.  Ummm. Too funny.  Really, it was too funny.  It was the best improv I’ve seen in ages.  Remember, I said the cast was hilarious.  They were.

Unfortunately there were a few things about the show that weren’t up my alley.  I didn’t love the delivery of the show as a whole.  I believe the “story” was good, but it would have been served better if it were delivered in a different method.  I think this would be a perfect “Moth Storyteller’s” show… or perhaps a great show to be produced by the “Mortified” folks.  But I’m not sure it was the right thing for Second City… the comedic show vs. improv or sketch.  I’ve also never been a fan of the signature bursting into song or the dancing from time to time that takes place in Second City shows.  Like many others, the ensemble sang and danced in this one.  It didn’t sway me.  I still don’t like it.

Overall the show is a good one.  And overall, overall… Second City is a great place to spend an evening.  If you like the “Undateable” concept, you should definitely catch the show.  It won’t run forever and it’s a lot of fun.  If you want to see some great improv or sketch comedy, you can surely find it there.  I recommend it.



Second City

6560 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90028


$10.00 Fridays 9 pm.

Probably thru April.