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Mental Head Circus

There is a magical evening escape right in your Los Angeles backyard. There is a performance that will captivate and transport you for 90 minutes to a realm of breathtaking wonder. It’s Moulin Rogue-esque circus meets burlesque meets vaudeville… with dance, music, aerial acts and song. Are you rolling your eyes at yet another plug for a Los Angeles Cirque show? Hold them still. I’m actually referring to a monthly resident show at the King King in Hollywood that you’ll probably like more and surely costs less. This is a show that you should get to (or get tickets for)… now. Mental Head Circus. Got it?

Here’s how it works.

Buy your tickets in advance. They do sell out. There are standing room only tickets as well as reserved tables with cocktail service. There is no food. The doors open at 6:00. All literature says that the show starts at 7:00, but it’s actually more like 7:30. Parking can be tricky. Valet is available. I arrived at 6:40 or so, which gave time to settle in, have a drink, chat with my cohort and order one more as the show was starting. There is no intermission and as I stated before, it’s about 90 minutes, so you’ll want to be ready for that. I know, I know… I just made the Mental Head Circus sound about as exciting as taking the SAT. So now, the fun stuff.

As you might imagine the venue has a sexy feel with its dim lights and rich colors. Each ensemble member (we’re talking around 8-10 men and women, I couldn’t be bothered with counting) is a visual site to behold. The costumes, the makeup, the hair… all impeccably done. The evening was comprised of one short act after another. There are group numbers, a solo singer, solo and duo aerial acts, a group of male dancers, a group of female dancers, a contortionist, solo dancers, props, no props… humorous, sexy, and awe inspiring. There is a stage in front, where a good number of the acts take place, although at various points throughout the evening you will turn to face just about any direction to catch the action. I feared being called up on stage, but was assured the performance was not an audience participation show. Good news in my book. I don’t believe there is a bad seat in the house.

It’s 100% class. It’s 100% entertainment. Terry Beeman, creator and star (MC, if you will) is a star to watch, and has drawn in quite a handful of others to join him. If I could nit-pick, and I suppose that is what I am supposed to do… I’d say the men gave dazzling performances and the women were very good. Catch that nuance there? The women didn’t quite measure up to the men. I could speculate the reasons for that, but it’s such a minor point, I don’t know why I would. The evening as a whole is spectacular. There’s no doubt you’ll have your favorite performers and performances, but that’s all part of the fun.

It’s a theatrical wonder and a really good time. A perfect date night, if you ask me. It’s only one Sunday evening a month, so plan ahead… and it isn’t going to run forever. Catch this show.

Mental Head Circus
King King
6555 Hollywood Blvd.
21 years and over
Next performance: Sunday June 10th
Doors 6:00 pm, Show 7:00 pm
$25 General, $45 VIP (discount tickets are out there, but often times sell out)