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Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed the Unsubmit Warning Modal Design Issue

The modal was truncated, so not all the text was visible. The full warning message is now visible.

  • The Next and Previous Page Buttons Now Have Arrows

The arrows were missing from the buttons. We have fixed the design so that the arrows now display.


New Tweaks

  • Differentiation Between Unviewed and Viewed Auditions In Audition List

In the Current Auditions tab, we have changed the color of the text for viewed auditions, so that it more clearly shows which is an unviewed audition and which is a viewed audition.

  • The Hide All/Print Proof Sheet/Close Buttons Now Have a Fixed Position In The Photos Modal

For talent with many photos, you will not have to scroll to access the buttons.

  • Changes to Talent Note In Expanded Talent View

For clarification, we have changed the name from “Talent Note” to “Note From Talent”. We have also added the same yellow note icon, to make it easier to spot.