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AmandaHi! My name is Amanda Martinez, I am a CSR for Casting Networks! In my free time I love enjoying a fun, relaxing day with my family. I have two precious little girls and they sure keep me busy, but watching them grow is the best gift I have been blessed with. Growing up in my family, food is always a big deal! I come from a Mexican, Italian, and Cuban background, so believe me, when I say if you’re not ready to get your hands a little dirty, it will be hard to survive in my household. Growing up I always remember one recipe my mother would prepare, and it’s definitely a meal that I can request any time I go to visit her. Having two little girls definitely motivates me to learn all of the special recipes that my family has to offer. I am happy to share with Casting Networks and all of you this one recipe and let you all know how much I love this wonderful, tasty meal! Feel more than welcome to try it out and enjoy with your loved ones! And please don’t forget the sides!!!!

Red Chile

Enjoy with a side of homemade spanish rice and beans


  • Beef stew meat  
  • Garlic salt or Granulated garlic or Onion salt or Granulated onion 
  • Flour
  • Red chili sauce 
  • Salt to taste

–1 Bowl
–1 Pan


  1. In a bowl, add the beef stew meat, garlic salt/granulated garlic or onion salt/granulated onion and marinate the meat for 15 minutes.
  2. Cut the meat up into small pieces, place the meat in a pan.
  3. Brown the meat, while the meat browns add a little flour, garlic, and onion salt.
  4. Add in a can of red chili sauce and let it cook 20-30 minutes on low.
Enjoy with homemade Spanish Rice and Beans on the Side for perfect simple cultural meal!