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Enciby Enci

A very Happy New Year to All!

As a new beginning awaits us, I find myself contemplating about what my New Year’s resolution should be. I want to find a purpose in my life and in my career and I’m always thriving to becoming a better person, not just for myself, but also for my friends, family and for the planet.

My New Year’s resolutions for 2011:

– To plan errands around my jobs and around auditions. I’m not very good at this and often times, I get lazy on my bike when I just feel like I want to get home. So in 2011, I will plan my trips so they will have three purposes. Post office, audition, visit a friend. Or drop off recyclables, filming, pick up some groceries.

– I will ask my neighbors to give me their electronic waste before I head out to the S.A.F.E. center. I know that this could raise awareness about metals leaking into our streams amongst my immediate contacts and with one trip, I could knock out potentially two, three, or four trips that my neighbors would do. I will put a note up on our apartment’s bulletin board, so that people will be able to drop off their electronic waste days before.
– I signed up to a community garden, so hopefully I can get my first vegetable harvest in the fall of 2011. I’m very much looking forward to the garden! Sinking my hands into dirt, raking and shoveling, watering and pulling. I love the dirt and this will be exciting!

– I will experiment with homemade cosmetics. This I’ve done before, written about it a few years ago as well and I think it’s time to revisit it again. I love home remedies, but often times, it’s the time that prevents me from experimenting, but I’ll make the time in 2011.

– I will call my family and friends more often instead of communicating via social media and the Internet. This, I believe, is sustainable for my health, as well as my friends’ and families’ health. When we sit down and talk to each other in person, our blood pressure goes down, anxiety disappears, we take a break from the hectic daily life, which will make us healthier and happier.

– I will help with clean up events in the neighborhood, at the river, or at the beach. I used to do this and I miss the feeling of afterward, when I looked at the lot, street, mountain top, field, or riverbed, and see everything cleaned up. I’m looking forward to doing this in the coming year.

As I’m writing this down and planning for 2011, I feel the joy for the new year. These simple goals seem not only simple, but also joyful, things I know I can do, without dreading them because I’m not planning anything that I’m not passionate about.

I’m looking forward to sharing 2011 with you all again! 2010 was incredible, inspiring, full of adventures and filled with many amazing friends, who helped me every day in becoming a better me.

I want to thank you for joining me on this journey and I trust to hear from you soon!

A very Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Joy filled 2011 to you all!

Enci is a working actress and also a writer/director at her company Rebel Without A Car Productions.

Enci is the publisher of the theatre site Bitter Lemons, the Co-Founder of the Bike Writers Collective, she’s on the board of Bikeside, on the Cyclists/LAPD Task Force, on the SAG Conservatory Committee, and she works with government entities to make Los Angeles more bike-friendly and bike-conscious.

Contact Enci with article suggestions or find her on Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites to connect. When contacting her, please introduce yourself and tell her you read her column in the Networker.