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Enciby Enci

Happy Earth Year to Everybody!

Many people celebrated Earth Day by going out on a hike, getting out on a bike ride, recycling and upcycling, planting trees and flowers, cleaning up rivers and beaches, and taking their canvas bag to the grocery store.

While Earth Day is celebrated as a one day annual event, for many this was just another ordinary day. More and more people bring nature and their love to Mother Earth into their lives every day, all year long.

Urban Homesteaders & Root Simple bloggers Erik Knutzen and Kelly Coyne from Silver Lake have been living the sustainable life eating what they grow for many years now and have published couple books to help you and to inspire you to live off your land.

Homestead Survival just launched their website and archived all their amazingfacebook posts about emergency preparation, recipes, upcycling and more.

The Sierra Club works every day on protecting our waters, getting us off coal, greening our communities and endorsing political candidates, so you know who to vote for at upcoming elections.

Friends of Griffith Park is a local non-profit that works on preserving areas of Griffith Park. They restore cultural landmarks, they work to preserve, enhance and sustain the park’s rich biodiversity, they restore the meadows, and they have fee-based and non-fee-based hikes, one of which I took and loved!

Sustainable Streets is an advocacy group that works year-round on making our streets safer for all with lots of Bicycle Education classes and with Safe Routes to School programs. Safe streets encourage human powered transportation which in turn helps our planet.

TreePeople plants native trees all year long and gives out trees that you can adopt. They educate about trees and water conservation, they have tree planting events, and they work with governmental agencies on critical water issues amongst other things. Go ahead and get involved with them.

Lean and Green Kids is an organization that brings healthy food to local schools and educates about the physical as well as environmental benefits of healthy eating habits. Stay up-to-date with them on facebook.

Artists on Etsy create furniture, decorations, clothes, jewelry, and accessories for any and for all occassions, products that are upcycledrecycled, andsustainable. Sign up and get to know these artists. You might be inspired to start making your own.

Even Hollywood is joining the rank of the Green movement, not just on Earth Day but every day. The Environmental Media Association is a non-profit,dedicated to harnessing the power of the entertainment industry and the media to educate the global public on environmental issues and motivate sustainable lifestyles.

Jessica Alba started her own Green Business years ago, when she realized that products for babies were full with harmful chemicals. Leonardo DiCaprio has been long known for his involvement to environmental causes and Blythe Danner, mother of Gwyneth Paltrow, has been involved in recycling and conservation for over 30 years. (She is also on the board of the Environmental Media Association)

If you were inspired by this past April 22nd Earth Day activities and want to make (or already are making) a difference and show your love to Mother Earth, please send me an email about what it is that you do, what you are involved with. I’d love to hear all about it and I would love to highlight the green businesses or green advocacy that the Casting Network readers do.

Happy Earth Year and a fantastic Bike to Work Day, Week, Month and Year to you in May!

Enci is a working actress and also a writer/director at her company Rebel Without A Car Productions.

Enci is the publisher of the theatre site Bitter Lemons, the Co-Founder of the Bike Writers Collective, she’s on the board of Bikeside, on the Cyclists/LAPD Task Force, on the SAG Conservatory Committee, and she works with government entities to make Los Angeles more bike-friendly and bike-conscious.

Contact Enci with article suggestions or find her on Twitter, Facebook and other networking sites to connect. When contacting her, please introduce yourself and tell her you read her column in the Networker.