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Laurieby Karen Michel Pavlick

My child is stuck in the body of an actor!

A Refresher Course

How “Questions & Actors” can benefit YOU!

One of my intentions for 2013 is to help YOU utilize the Facebook page, QUESTIONS & ACTORS. I created this interactive site as a means for actors and parents to get their questions answered, to share information on classes, headshots, coaches, agents, managers, unions—really anything pertaining to the acting business—both bad and good.

When you are new to acting, all you have are questions. Sadly, a lot of actors and parents don’t ask or don’t know whom to ask and fall prey to situations that could have easily been avoided.

QUESTIONS & ACTORS is that place to ask, to share and to network. It’s a place to be heard, a place to share red flags as well as good news.

Wanting to create a safe place for actors and parents to network came to me after interviewing aspiring young thespians for my documentary, QUESTIONS & ACTORS, which goes behind the scenes of the acting business. I was truly disturbed by a number of young actors’ testimonials after they shared their painful recount of a hopeful opportunity turned bad. I was a bit surprised that there were so many different scams out there due to the fact that we can find almost too much information just by the push of a button. But, then again, anyone can create anything on the Internet and make it “appear” professional.

By no means am I trying to instill fear; I want actors and parents to learn to trust their instincts; IF IT DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT, IT ISN’T. Then, if you are still second-guessing and need to ask someone but have nowhere to turn, you can click on QUESTIONS & ACTORS and talk with your network of friends.

I can’t tell you how many times I have told a client, parent or actor that a situation sounds fishy and they end up going fishing anyway! And then come back only to tell me that they wished they didn’t take the bite! Perhaps, that’s how we learn, but it doesn’t have to be that way, there’s definitely a better way.

The best resource, still, is firsthand information from fellow working actors who have a vast knowledge of information at the tips of their fingers: the ins, the outs, the who’s who and the what’s are a good investment.

It’s equally important to celebrate good news with fellow actors; introduce your favorite headshot photographer, talk about a class you love, a gig you booked or a workshop that was fun!

We become more aware as we share our knowledge with an actor or parent that is asking for it!

Begin 2013 by supporting and celebrating the actor in you! Become part of a network team!

Go to my facebook page, Questions & Actors, click LIKE and start communicating with fellow actors and parents!