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The two most important days in your life are the day you are born
And the day you find out why?
Mark Twain
When Betty White turned 96 on January 17th, 2018, I just had to thank her…internally!
She, along with so many other actors, are living proof that age is just a number and acting is a knowingness!
Morgan Freedman was at the ripe age of 52 when he had the knockout performance in Driving Miss Daisy. Steve Carell’s role in The Office put him on the map at 43 years of age.Kristen Wiig was 32 when she became a full cast member on Saturday Night Live. Samuel Jackson’s work in Pulp Fiction brought him recognition at 45. Melissa McCarthy had her big hit with Bridesmaids at 41 and Lucille Ball was 40 when I Love Lucy came to town!
WHAT IF…instead of dreading the number that comes along with your birthday, you celebrate knowing what you love to do, even if you are not making the big bucks right now?
I love what Betty White says about age, I think it’s a mental attitude. So many of us start dreading age in high school and that’s a waste of a lovely life. Oh, I’m 30, I’m 40, oh 50. Make the most of it.
I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never believed a number could stop me from doing what I love and it hasn’t, especially when I have a knowingness this is what I am meant to do. Sprinkle in passion, drive, humbleness and having fun and watch where that will lead you!
It’s when we buy into society’s programming that makes us question our dreams. That’s why I don’t buy tabloid magazines. That’s why I don’t watch the news. That’s why I don’t gossip. We as women, especially, are here to help each other become the best version of our Self. We are not here to take each other down, but to build each other up. When you get somewhere, bring your fellow actor with you, don’t leave her in the dust!
I can’t tell you how many times I hear,They told me I was too old to start acting? My question to you is, Who are they? They are you and me that bought into this false Belief System, which is just a bunch of BS!
As February begins, love is in the air! Don’t let a number tell you that you are not lovable in every way, it has only made Betty White that much more!


 Karen Ann Pavlick started her career as an NFL CHEERLEADER for the Raiders. This led to an acting career and her first film, Patch Adams, with the beloved Robin Williams, and directed by her favorite, Tom Shadyac. With over 75 national TV Commercials, appearances on The Bold & The Beautiful and General Hospital, reality show appearances, Show Host for the Home Shopping Network (HSN), Karen has experienced many sides of the industry. In addition, she was honored with the title “Distinguished Filmmaker,” by the Melbourne Independent Film Festival, after both her short films, under her production company Hollywood Ending Films, won “Best Film.” Karen feels blessed for the opportunities that continue to come her way and grow her.

Most recently, Karen wrote a self-help book to assist women of all ages in healing their childhood hearts. She looks forward to securing publishing and speaking engagements.