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Laurieby Karen Michel Pavlick

My child is stuck in the body of an actor!

You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life.
—Zig Ziglar

ACTORS: If you feel as if your life as an actor is the “Same Ol, Same Ol,” then maybe, just maybe, you need to become a more “interesting” actor?

The very first agent interview I ever had in Los Angeles was not only nerve-racking, but left me with a lasting impression. This agent was adamant in her belief, “interesting actors have an interesting life outside of acting which makes them much more interesting actors.

Well, I thought I was interesting? We talked about my acting experience, which was very little, my list of “special skills,” which I hoped would make my resume appear “busier,” a few hobbies I enjoyed and, of course, my dream to be the next big soap star!

She did like me, but felt I needed more of a life! She suggested I do charity work, which would give me a life outside of acting, and would make my acting life more interesting.

Do you know it wasn’t until recently, years later, that I understood the importance of my first LA agent’s advice?

As actors, we are often thinking about what we need, don’t have yet or where we want to be. We are talking about our headshots, looking for a coach, acting class, agent or manager. We are putting together a resume, reel, website or discussing our lack of work due to our headshots, acting coach, resume, reel, agent or hairstyle! It’s a vicious cycle about “me.”

When we let go of “me,” we open a door that leads back to “me,” but, this time, it’s no longer “me” you’re talking about; it’s your life, and that’s interesting.

This past weekend I volunteered for the Special Olympics. I saw through these courageous athletes that joy is our choice, that even through challenges, all things are possible and that we really are all One.

It was a profound experience that changed me; I decided I would do my best to not complain about anything. This led me to the site: where over six billion “complaint bracelets” have been sold for just one dollar to inspire the world to stop complaining. The idea is to wear the bracelet on your wrist and every time you complain, you have to switch the bracelet to the other wrist. The goal is to not complain for 21 consecutive days, which will transform your life, improve your relationships, health and your career.

All because I volunteered!

Afterwards, I went to my local Petco where volunteers were passionately involved with pet adoptions.

There are so many ways to get involved! Choose something you love (like pets) or get involved in something that you know absolutely nothing about.

Next, I am going to look into working with newborns. I would love to adopt a baby girl, so who knows? All things are possible with God, not some things, ALL things!

I encourage parents with young actors to do something together. What a great bonding experience that would be!

Not only will you walk away feeling great, but you may just meet a new friend, find a new interest, or maybe, just maybe, find your life to be more interesting.

Anytime you do anything to help another, you are helping yourself.

Just remember, you can still pursue acting while passionately acting to help others.

What an interesting concept!

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