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The battle is never between you and your fellow actors

It’s between you and the uninvited critic that lives in your mind.

QUESTIONS: Every time I leave an audition, I tend to criticize my performance and my fellow actors all the way home! I am not this mean to my worse enemy! How can I make auditioning not such a battle?

ACTORS: I don’t know of any actor that has left an audition room and not driven home with the uninvited critic buckled into their passenger seat!

I could have done better, I cried at home, why couldn’t I cry in that room? I knew I would forget that line! I can’t believe I asked if I could start over and over and over the critic in your mind torments your driving record all the way home!

So, who is this overly chatty voice self-sabotaging you, criticizing you, making you drive home with the tears you wish you had in that audition room? Well, here’s the good news, it’s not you!

Imagine your mind to be a movie screen, close your eyes, grab a bucket of popcorn if you wish and watch the movie you are producing, directing and starring in. Do you like the character you are playing? How about the characters you’re surrounding yourself with? What kind of conflict are you creating for yourself? Are you rooting for the main character or wishing otherwise?

Through meditation, I’ve learned to quiet my uninvited critic! It took years of practice, but it’s so worth it.

Most people never take the time to sit in silence, they are so busy with to-do lists, running from one place to another, watching TV or doing anything NOT to LISTEN.

When you are unaware, this critic invites itself into your mind and builds a home,  hoping you never put it up for sale! It will greet you in the morning, during the day and keep you up at night. It is relentless at keeping you from living the life you came here to live. So, who is this critic?

It is your fears, your insecurities, your childhood drama you’ve yet to heal. It is anything but your truth and what drove you to that audition in the first place.

Your mind is a powerful tool, learn to use it so it doesn’t use you.

The next time you walk into an audition room, it doesn’t have to be a battlefield, but a field of endless of opportunities.

 KAREN ANN PAVLICK started her career as an NFL CHEERLEADER for THE RAIDERS. This led to her first film, PATCH ADAMS, with the beloved Robin Williams, to over 75 NATIONAL TV COMMERCIALS and TV SHOW HOST for the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Stepping behind the camera as a producer, Karen received the honor DISTINGUISHED FILMMAKER at The Melbourne Independent Film Festival after both her short films won BEST IN THE FEST. She is part of TOASTMASTERS and is looking forward to securing publishing and speaking engagements for her book, MY FATHER WAS THE DRINKER, NOT ME! SO, WHY DO I LIVE LIKE ONE? A book that came to her in the most surreal way, leaving her with a knowingness that there is definitely something much greater trying to remind us why we are here.