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Laurieby Karen Ann Pavlick

We are here for a short visit 

If I had one wish it would be that we knew this to be true…

As I arrived back in San Francisco for my favorite uncle’s memorial service, I couldn’t help but remember my childhood and the dream I had to get into acting.

It all started here, in the city by the bay.

I remember starting at the age of twenty-eight, not eight.

I remember people telling me that I was too old to start, which makes me laugh out loud, like I did then. Age never stopped me from doing what my heart was excited about doing. I want to adopt a baby girl when most of my friends have kids in high school and college. I just was never that girl that listened to society, which to me, is really a belief system that the majority bought into. A false belief system, which, for a lack of a better term, is a bunch of BS!

I also remember how much I loved high school and my friends.

I smile through the pain that got me to where I am today; knowing what it really means to have the IT factor! We all have IT, some of us know it, most of us don’t. IT is your childhood wound, that stuff, that anger, that fear, those insecurities, that stop you from moving forward. That childhood drama, if not healed, keeps you going in circles, dating the same kind of person and having the same kind of experiences. IT will rob you of your freedom to live out your dreams. Until you master IT, IT will master you.

Joel Osteen couldn’t have said it better, “The wealthiest places on earth are not on the oil fields or the Middle East nor the diamond mines of South Africa. The wealthiest places are in the cemeteries. Buried in the ground are businesses that were never formed, songs that were never sung, books that were never written, potential that was never realized, and dreams that never came to pass. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still in you.”

How many stories, I wondered, are resting in the cemetery because they died within? How many dreams were never resurrected?

Your song, your business, your play, your poem, your invention, your drawings, your paintings, your smile, your book…your story…is a reminder where true wealth lives.

Don’t crawl from cradle to grave.

Thank you Uncle Steve, for being the light that brightened our family, the heart that spoke love and the soul that danced through life. Heaven is blessed with another angel, you will be missed. Until I see you again. Watch over us.


 We are here for a short visit. 

If I had one wish it would be that we knew this to be true…

 Perhaps, then…. 

We would be less inclined to hold grudges, forgive those that didn’t meet our needs, then forgive ourselves for even thinking that someone else was here to make us happy.

 We would know that each person we connect with is here to bless us not hurt us. We would get though IT, not use IT against each other. 

 We would come back if we ran, find the truth if we lied, and repent if we cheated not for the other person’s sake, but for the sake of the me that is searching for a deeper meaning of love.

 We would be kinder, much kinder to our Self.

 We would know that we are here to love, to be loved and to do everything out of love and for love.

We would learn to love unconditionally every adult as if they were a newborn baby.

 We would be free to leave this world not wishing we would have, could have or should have. We would have no regrets.

 We came here as love, everything in between is BS…

Our visit here is short.

Karen Ann Pavlick started her career as an NFL CHEERLEADER for the Raiders. This led to an acting career and first film, PATCH ADAMS with Robin Williams, directed by her favorite, Tom Shadyac. With over 60 national TV Commercials, appearances on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, GENERAL HOSPITAL, reality shows to Show Host for HSN, Karen feels blessed for the opportunities that continue to come her way and grow her! She was honored  with “Distinguished Filmmaker,” after both her short films, under her production company, Hollywood Ending Films, won BEST FILM. 
Karen has a passion for travel, unique spas, the outdoors, being surrounded by family and friends, and a love for wine. “I would love to write and live on a vineyard!” This may come sooner than later as Karen’s first self-help/discovery book is near completion. It has been placed on her heart to travel and speak to women all over the world, helping them to heal their childhood hearts.

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