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Laurieby Karen Michel Pavlick



QUESTIONS: What does it take to walk out of a casting room and feel good instead of questioning everything I said and did?


I am writing a book and one of my chapters is titled: HELP! I’m losing my MIND! The beginning of awareness!

We question and doubt because we have an uninvited critic writing a review of our story without our permission…and this critic is relentless!

I wonder if I should start working out, I keep saying I am going to eat better, I really need this job, my rent is due, this could change my life…I could have done better, I wish I had another chance…

Imagine for a moment walking into a casting room—and out without this critic!

Is it possible?

YES! But, first of all, you must become aware that you even have an unwanted critic sitting in the audience of your mind.

Put yourself in a movie theatre with a bucket of popcorn, turn off your cell phone, close your eyes and LISTEN.  Observe the thoughts that pass on the movie screen of your mind.

You will hear “someone” talking to you…I could use a cup of coffee, I wonder if I will ever book a good job…let alone a job, should I go financial core,  I am not getting any younger, I really want kids, I wish that relationship worked out… 

It is never-ending!

Once you become aware of this chatter, you can eventually stop it from self-sabbotoging.

 By the way, who is talking to you? Who criticizes and judges you?


 YOU are the silent observer, sitting in the movie chair, eating popcorn listening and watching as these thoughts pass by the screen of your mind…making you feel good or not so good.

 Through meditation, I’ve learned to quiet my uninvited critic! It took years of practice, but meditation has been the number one thing that has changed the way I not only look at the world and people, but how I walk into and out of  a casting room.

Last week I was sitting in the waiting room with a few other girls for this job opportunity that just seemed to be so aligned. It felt like all the years I have put into my work and into myself was leading me to this opportunity. I took Faith in action by traveling a great distance, knowing I was ready for great change and growth.

However, my critic was doing its job, trying to make me question and doubt. Being aware of the noise,  I closed my eyes in the waiting room and listened to my breath, being grateful for this experience, knowing if this was in God’s plans then it would work in my favor, and if it wasn’t, then God had a better plan. 

I heard a door open as I opened my eyes, “Were you meditating?” She was the casting recruiter. I felt a sense of peace as I answered yes. 

This simple act opened a conversation as we walked down the hall to the room where I would be doing my presentation that I had enjoyed preparing. I was more excited than nervous.

We talked about God, spirituality and how I felt my mom was guiding me from the other side. Not a conversation I would have had years ago in fear of being judged or ridiculed. 

My truth, not my nerves, was speaking and we connected on a beautiful spiritual level. 

I was no longer walking onto a battlefield with my mind’s critic, but onto an empty stage with a field of opportunities.

I like to believe God is always working behind the scenes. Even though I may not be able to see the entire picture, I’ve learned to trust Him as the author of my story rather than an annoying critic!

This allows me to enjoy where I am and be all that I am.

IN this freedom…there are no questions.

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