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Laurieby Karen Michel Pavlick

My child is stuck in the body of an actor!

I feel as if I snapped my fingers and “poof” in rolls another New Year.

January is a month of newness and hope. We sit down with a list of goals and intentions visualizing how we would like the year to unfold and then all of a sudden puff the magic dragon blows in December all too quickly and we sit in wonderment to a year gone by and a list nowhere to be found!

One of my intentions is to truly make this year NEW. And I know, as actors, we are always looking for Newness.

QUESTIONS: When do I need a NEW agent? How do I find a NEW photographer? I’m NEW in Los Angeles, where do I begin?

ACTORS: Well, in order to experience something NEW, you have to DO something NEW!


You not only start the New Year off with intentions to “act” but also with intentions to do random “Acts of Kindness?”

When I lived in San Francisco, I will never forget the stranger ahead of me who paid for my toll before I went over the bay bridge. Not only did that change how I felt in that moment, but I know how it felt for the person giving as I chose to pay for the person behind me the next time I went over the bay bridge. It’s like a ripple effect!
We get what we give.

Perhaps you are a great student in Math or Science and you know someone who isn’t doing as well as you. What if you offered to tutor that person? What if you gave a stranger a compliment or bought some flowers and put them on a random doorstep or paid a meter that was expired?

This feeling of doing something “out of the blue” for others, even a stranger, has played a much greater role in my acting life than I ever imagined. First of all, I can’t help but feel good. I get such excitement at doing these acts. Feeling good in life and in this acting business is crucial! Secondly, it keeps my imagination alive to what “random act” I can do next. It’s like a fun Improv class! And, in the end, a simple act may inspire another to act!

We are living in a world that often just thinks about “me.” And what we give we get more of…me, me, me! What if you kick this New Year off by doing random acts of kindness for others? You may be surprised what kind of unforeseen acts come back to you 🙂

Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness.
Every act creates a ripple with no logical ending.

Scott Adams

I am making a conscious choice to start off 2012 by doing a random Act of Kindness every month for 12 months and inviting you to join me! I think it would be fun to go to our facebook page, QUESTIONS & ACTORS and share our “acts” to inspire others to “act!”

My hope for you is to DO something NEW this year, so when December decides to show up again, you can look back at all that you have done for others and what others have done for you and there will be no question to why you are where you areJ

Happy NEW Year!

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