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Laurieby Karen Michel Pavlick

My child is stuck in the body of an actor!

QUESTIONS: My 5 year old son has an agent whom we had signed a contract about 2 months ago. So far we had one audition for an NFL commercial and I am trying to get a better understanding – of what is a typical time frame for any casting director to make a decision regarding talent. (Yes or no) Are we talking 24 hours or days or weeks? Any feedback would be appreciated – my agent says, “it all depends.”

ACTORS: I have to agree with your agent; it all depends on the project, whether you are going out for a commercial, TV show or a film role.

Since your son went out for a commercial, I will address that first. Commercials are usually a quick turn-around; meaning, the first audition is followed by a callback within days or a week, “on-hold” often comes the next day or two after the callback and the final booking takes a close lead behind!

A “Seasonal” commercial, like an NFL spot, is often under a deadline, so casting along with the entire production is under a timeline to insure that the spot gets cast and shot so it airs during football season.

HINT: When you are at that first audition for a commercial, look at all the boards posted. Usually, the casting director posts the possible callback date along with the shoot date(s.)

Nothing of course is set in stone, but usually, the callback is close to that date. If the date comes and goes, either you didn’t get a callback, or the project was cancelled, which is usually not the case, but it does happen.

TV depends on the role and type of show. If it’s a “contract role” the time frame will be more intense and casting can take several weeks along with numerous callbacks; whereas, a guest or featured role could be booked within the same week of the audition.

And then there is film, which has its own set of rules! Casting can either happen quickly or takes months, often depending on budget. If it’s a major feature, it can take several months to cast the main actors, before they even start to cast supporting roles. A student film or independent may only have the budget to cast and shoot the entire production within a month.

So, yes…it all depends. However, if you ask, you can usually find out when the commercial is going to shoot, or when the TV show is scheduled to air or when the film intends to be completed.

And since you are fresh out of the gate at the age of 5! I say congratulations! Mainly…because you are asking questions! It is truly the first step to understanding the “business” of acting. That’s why I encourage you and all of my readers to go to my facebook page, QUESTONS & ACTORS, click LIKE and ask questions! Then you can truly start living the answers! It is the only way I crossed the finish line over and over again 🙂

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