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New Features

  • Unscheduling Talent From Your Worksheet

On your Worksheet, there is now a schedule drop down menu for each schedule. This is where you can choose to unschedule a talent straight from your Worksheet!  You can filter your Worksheet by everyone who is not in a Session and then use this new feature to unschedule them. Unscheduled talent will be moved back to your selects and will be available for rescheduling for another day.

                  Worksheet Menu            unschedule from worksheet

  • Replacing Talent From Your Worksheet

Using the schedule drop down menu, you can now choose to replace a talent who can not make it, with another available talent. If selected, a modal will open that will present you with all talent in selects, for the same Agency and for the same role. If the talent you are replacing is a public submission the modal will present you with all public submissions in selects for the same role. When you choose to replace a talent, this will unschedule the original talent and schedule the selected talent for the same time. The time will not automatically be sent, incase you change your mind or made a mistake. So make sure to send times!


  • Clearing Your Timeframes

Each timeframe in your schedule now has an Edit menu. From here you can choose to clear your timeframe. Doing so will unschedule all talent from the timeframe.

  • Editing Your Timeframes From Your Schedule

In your new Edit menu you can also choose to edit your timeframe. A modal will open where you can choose a new start time for your timeframe. This will shift the start time of your schedule, but keep all scheduled talent in the same order.

           edit timeframe         edit start time

  • Editing Your Timeframes From Build Timeframes

On the Build Timeframes Page, if you click the Edit button, you will be able to edit the start time of the timeframe. You also can add any additional roles to a timeframe. So if you scheduled just your Moms and forgot to pair them with the Dads, you can now add the Dads to the existing timeframe. They can then be auto-populated into your schedule.

  • Project Level Navigation On Hover

When you hover over a project, the project level navigation will display. This will allow you to quickly get to the page you want in your project, without having to first navigate to the Project Overview.

  • Time Not Sent Indicator

On your worksheet there is now a time not sent indicator if someone is in a schedule, but their times haven’t been sent.

times not sent indicator