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With all of the new devices on the market, we decided the Session client interface was in need of some updates. In order to protect your current projects from sudden changes, we have implemented them in a new theme that can be applied upon your request. Please check out the updates below, and contact Casting Director Support if you would like to switch to the new Session theme.


Featured Updates

  • Larger, Browser-responsive Video Player

    We have added new video player sizes, increasing the default size to 640 x 480 (from the original 480 x 360).  Plus, we upgraded the player so that it will dynamically change based on your browser size to one of the following: 380 x 300, 500 x 400, 640 x480, and 700 x 500.

               New Theme 


               Old Theme


  • Larger Talent Thumbnails

    We have increased the size of the talent thumbs that appear for each group and in Talent By Role, to make browsing talent a little easier on the eyes.

    Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 12.09.07 PM

  • Optimized iPad Viewing

    iPad Vertical View                                                                iPad Horizontal View 

    new fastcast theme3                        photo

    Other Improvements

    • Layout Changes

      In order to make room for a larger video player and still allow the Talent Thumbnails to be visible, we have moved the talent thumbnails to the right side of the page in certain browser sizes. On very large monitors the talent thumbnails will still display beneath the large video player.

    • Larger Pick (Check Mark) Button

      In order to make it easier for clients to utilize the online picks feature, we have made the check mark button larger

    • Larger Sessions Navigation Menu

      We have made the session navigation menu larger so that it will stand out more for your clients and makes navigating from session to session a little easier.

    Please note that when you switch themes the change will be applied to all your existing sessions.