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New Features

  • Stay on top of new Auditions

    A new indicator on the navigation bar lets you know how many Unviewed Auditions you have, no matter what page you are currently using.
    audition counter

  • Keep Up-to-date with Schedule Changes

    Every time a CD emails out a schedule that you have already viewed, that schedule will be reverted to “unviewed” status, which will be indicated in the new navigation bar indicator, and the unviewed audition counter on your Projects page.

  • Easily Find Unread Chat Messages from Casting

    You can now filter your Worksheet to find audition appointments with unread chat messages.

    new chats

  • Send Submissions From Your Project Overview

    You can now send your submissions to Casting from your project overview page. For each role that has not had its submissions sent, an orange “send” button appears. Clicking this button will make these submissions visible to Casting. Once a role’s submissions  have been sent, a green check mark takes the place of the button. From this state, you can continue to add additional submissions to the role, and they will become instantly available to Casting.

    submissions sent 1

    submissions sent 2

  • Sort Talent By Confirmation Status or Confirmation Note

    You can now sort the worksheet by talent confirmation status, or to find those who left you a confirmation note.

    • To sort by status, click on the silhouette confirmations images in the column header. The talent who marked confirmed will appear first, followed by talent who marked reschedule, and then declined. Talent who did not mark a status will appear last. The order can be reversed by clicking the icon a second time.
    • To sort by confirmation note, click on the note icon in the column header, and it will bring all talent who have left you a note to the top of the list.
  • Confirm Times From Your Audition Call List

    You can now view and edit talent confirmations, chats, and notes from the same page you use to forward times and get audition info for your talent.

    audition call list

New Tweaks

  • Changed Mouse Icon On Worksheet

    The hand icon (that typically displays when your mouse is hovering over something that is clickable) was appearing when hovering over the confirmations statuses from Talent, even though this icon was not clickable. We have added the normal pointer icon when hovering over the status from Talent. Also, we have added the hand icon when hovering over the Note From Talent icon, as this icon can be clicked to expand the talent information sub-section.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Confirmations Not Always Sticking

On the Worksheet, there was an occasional issue where a selected confirmation status did not always seem to stick. This issue has been resolved. Any time you set a confirmation status from your worksheet, that status should update accordingly, and the update is immediately reflected on the page.