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Over the coming months, we’ll be featuring articles on MOFILM in our Casting Networks newsletters to highlight just one of the many ways beginning filmmakers can gain experience. MOFILM is an organisation that connects brands to a global community of filmmakers and creatives to produce more story-driven content marketing and get it seen by millions around the world. We want to talk to them about everything, from how actors get cast to how filmmakers can use platforms like MOFILM to generate content.

To start us off, we spoke to the Director of Community and Communication at MOFILM, Kerry Gaffney, to find out a bit more about the MOFILM team, what exactly they do, and how they help filmmakers create unique work.

Casting Networks: Why would a person want to get involved in the contests run by MOFILM?

Kerry Gaffney: It’s all about getting ahead of the competition. The film industry has some great benefits and some big drawbacks. You get to work in a creative industry, with talented and passionate people, but the hours can be long and competition for jobs is tough. We believe that taking part in contests can make you stand out from the crowd. It also helps you hone your skills, build a network, and create a great reel. And all the while you are making work that you’re proud of and that is true to your own creative vision. There’s also the potential to pick up direct commissions with MOFILMpro.

CNI: What is MOFILM’s directive?

KG: MOFILM’s mission is to connect filmmakers to big brands to make breakthrough content. We work with companies like Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, and PlayStation, turning their advertising briefs into filmmaker briefs that emphasise storytelling.

CNI: How old do you need to be and what does it cost?

KG: Anyone over 16, from wherever they are in the world, can register as a member and download the briefs to see what ideas they spark. We offer production grants to help cover the cost of creating your film and there’s no charge to actually enter the contest. Every brief has a dedicated account manager and you can ask them for as much or as little feedback as you want to have. You can even send in rough cuts ahead of the deadline for review.

CNI: We heard about some pretty awesome prizes that MOFILM offers. What are they?

KG: There are usually five cash prizes on offer for each brief. The first place winner also gets an all expense paid trip for two to one of our MOFILM Award ceremonies. These take place all around the world during exciting events and festivals. We’re always in Texas during SXSW, we were in Brazil for the World Cup, and we’ll be back in Rio for the Olympics this year. On these trips, the winners will get to meet fellow winners from around the world and get to do some amazing things. In the past, these have included things like driving dune buggies in the Grand Canyon, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or going yachting on the French Rivera. The high point of each trip is the award ceremony. That’s the night when we celebrate your work in front of your peers, brand representatives, and local industry insiders.

CNI: What’s the single best reason for people to join MOFILM?

KG: The prizes and awards are great, but they’re not the biggest benefit of working with MOFILM. The true benefit is having a reason to go out and create something real for your reel that can help your build your career.

We can’t wait to hear from MOFILM over the forthcoming months on a variety of film related topics. But in the meantime, if you’re a filmmaker and are keen to get more footage, compete against other talented filmmakers, and take part in all the exciting competitions on offer, you can find out more at

Kerry GaffneyKerry Gaffney is Director of Community & Communication at MOFILM. MOFILM inspires filmmakers to create content for brands, social causes and original channels. Based in the UK but with a global community of filmmakers, MOFILM has helped to created award winning work for brands such as Guinness, Coca-Cola, Cornetto and PlayStation. Kerry’s remit is to attract, retain and support filmmakers in their ambitions, helping them to create commercially and building their reels with work they are proud of.