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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

On March 31, 2007 as a part of LA Casting’s Inside the Industry seminar series, we welcomed Casting Director Renita Whited. At a nearby venue filled with LA Casting talent, Whited talked about her own history as an actor and her transition to casting.

Whited is a dynamic speaker. Having the rare ability to receive a crowd that was hearty mix of new and working talent, Renita fashioned her talk into a hip question and answer panel. She stood by the age old philosophy of the Laws of Attraction.

The last day of March was sweltering. Whited walked on stage and said, “There is no right way nor is there a secret to attracting work that suits you.” Those words spread like a California brushfire, as the pre-seminar chatter came to a halt. “We are all Magnets for Success”, she encouraged the crowd.

Whited is a commercial casting director specializing in character-driven comedy spots but she is also known for her work assembling the critically acclaimed film Spun with Jason Schwarzman. Known for her work ethic among industry professionals, Whited doesn’t fall short of her encouraging words; because she too is a Magnet for Success.

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