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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

On June 23, 2007 L.A. Casting welcomed Lisa Pantone as the key speaker for the Inside the Industry Seminar.

“Actors, every audition you go on – there is a story to be told.” These powerful words came from the amazing Casting Director, Lisa Pantone. What a responsibility and what an opportunity you have in your hands as an actor.

Lisa Pantone is an advocate for actors. She sincerely believes that the key to success, in any project she may be affiliated with, is the actor. “Yes, we need the writers for the words and the director to give us our marks. But who will be the right storyteller? Who will absorb the character and feel the whole story and convey it to millions? You. The actor.”

Lisa randomly chose participants out of the audience to do cold readings. “I teach by showing,” she said.

There was a stir in the room, surely the shy people were terrified. However any apprehensive people probably regretted it because she was so candid and offered constructive corrections to all participants. One by one each partaker had their chance to capture the story and tell it to a room full of strangers. Each was enthralled in her methods to manipulate each character scene.

Lisa would coach each and every participant through their part, whether it was by correcting the timing of lines that were read, or simply making sure the marks given by the director were being followed.

Effortlessly, Lisa Pantone had created a sense of excitement in the search of finding that story to be told.

Have you found that story?

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