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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

On July 28, 2007 L.A. Casting welcomed Brad Lemack as the key speaker for the Inside the Industry Seminar.

Brad Lemack is an entertainment publicist, talent manager, and a professor of performing arts and communication studies. He opened our eyes that afternoon to a sometimes forgotten part of the actor’s life- the business of acting.

The Business of Acting is also the title of Brad’s book.  It stresses the keys to succeed and the art of being proactive in this industry. “This book teaches you rules of casting director protocols, how to market yourself with a perfect headshot, and how to seek talent representation while creating your own business plan for focus and motivation.”

Brad Lemack was very informative and passionate when it came to controversial topics such as Agents vs. Managers. “Shame on talent that don’t pay managers that help them get the job…” Brad said. “You are not empowering your managers. Remember, Managers have more access than talent- you need them too!”

When Mr. Lemack opened the floor to questions and feedback from the audience, it inspired a sizzling debate about Union vs. Non Union. He managed (pun intended) to guide the audience through a very passionate debate on the topic.

This Business of Acting seminar empowered actors to take charge and manage their careers and expectations in this industry.  He gave everyone in the room a motivating boost to be proactive within all aspects of their careers.


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