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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

Our March 29, Casting Networks’ Industry seminar was terrific because our guest speaker was casting director Renita, and she was marvelous!!!

As hostess of the free monthly seminars since its inception three years ago, I am proud of the diverse industry guest speakers with their outlooks, knowledge and candid sharing. All attendees leave knowing more about our industry… however, Renita raised the bar! High!

From the beginning of the seminar, Renita stated that, ”This process is in terms of having a lot of fun and being willing to have a day and a morning like you’ve never had before, especially as an actor in LA. So would you guys all be willing to do that?” The packed room cheered and applauded in agreement.

Yes, Renita’s seminar had some Q and A’s about the industry but as she said at the beginning, the theme of the day was “Gratitude.” She told us about how she became a casting director and appreciated all of us in attendance. “By you being here today, you are contributing to my dream.” 

It’s hard to encapsulate all that we learned from this one day, but I can say it was organic, interactive and very refreshing! Renita referenced THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne and THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH by Wallace D. Wattles as contributors to her personal path of transformation and success.  She added, “Richness is a state of being. You get that, don’t you?”

Renita moved to Los Angeles from Boston in 1998 where she started off as a producer and production manager. She told us how during her first year in LA, she “did EVERYTHING to get by.” Things smoothed out. Renita then told us about how on July 3, 1999 after having a terrific day, she felt grateful for her “perfect life in Los Angeles.”  Moments later, Renita got the telephone call to cast a Def Leppard music video which changed her life, thus beginning her career in casting. Mind you, the offer came after meeting a fellow industry professional, only briefly, seven months earlier.  Renita added that it was “Opportunity met with action” and she delivered!

When asked about headshots, Renita said “Your photographs are everything!” With comedy headshots, Renita added, “I want somebody who sparkles!  Consider taking the photo from a place where you believe ‘I am the funniest person on the face of the earth!'”

Renita asked the group to evaluate who they are in their own careers, “Who are youbeing in your career?” Then adding, “Put yourself in a space of what you want to attract in your life.”

The uplifting morning concluded with us listening to Renita’s recently produced,Transformational Declarations for Actors CD through her company Master Manifesters, Inc.  It was very powerful and empowering to stand shoulder to shoulder with 100 fellow actors reciting Renita’s inspiring, focused declarations all while moving forward in our professional acting careers. To learn more, check out 

On a personal note, I believe in declarations & affirmations and I use Renita’s CD. Currently, I am working on a major studio film with two hot stars. Thank you, Renita! 😉

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