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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

Our Casting Networks/LA Casting’s free Inside the Industry January 31 Seminar guest speakers were Miata Edoga and Bryan Scott Bellomo of Abundance Bound, Inc.

Stated best on their website ~ Miata Edoga is an actor and the President and Founder of Abundance Bound. Five years ago, she realized that in spite of some successes in her career, she was not acting consistently enough to make ends meet. Miata worked countless different jobs and still found herself stressed at the end of every month that she wouldn’t be able to pay all of her bills. After recognizing that she was going into auditions desperate to get the job—not for the love of the work—but for the paycheck, Miata committed to developing strong financial knowledge and to actually applying those skills in her own life. Since then, she has built two successful side businesses and has begun investing in real estate and other opportunities. She has learned to create passive income, giving her more time to focus on her acting career, and, with her husband, has started a production company to produce their own projects. Miata has a vision of a community of actors—all financially secure and confident—pursuing their passion free from the crushing weight of financial stress. She, personally and along with her senior coach Bryan, are helping countless students nationwide with The Artists’ Prosperity System™, which is a step by step guide to financial freedom for actors, artists and creative professionals.

The seminar was interactive and fun all the while learning about how better to manage our finances as actors. Our 90 minute seminar together barely scratched the surface of the Abundance Bound program, but Miata and Bryan did a great job giving us an overview of the program. Although too detailed to explain in its’ entirety here, these are Abundance Bound’s nine steps from the valuable worksheet we were given. Miata approved reprinting it here.

Step 1. Change your financial mindset and how you talk about money.The way you think and feel about your money is directly connected to your level of financial prosperity. We will help you to break the cycle of negativity and transform your relationship with money permanently. Miata stated, “Start powerfully and purposely towards your financial freedom.”

Step 2. Clear your financial clutter and get organized for good. You simply cannot expect to reach your financial goals if you don’t know exactly where you are starting from. We will provide you with simple systems for setting up and maintaining a financial filing cabinet and show you how to start tracking your income and expenses in a way that makes sense for an artist. Miata said, “Piles and shopping bags (of receipts) are not a filing system! [Group laughter] How many people here balance your checkbook?” Miata then explained profit and loss statements and the difference between personal and business expenses.

Step 3. Build a strong vision for your financial future. We will help you build specific, measurable, reachable and challenging goals that will excite, inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward. As your financial education grows, so will your vision, and you will quickly begin to achieve things you never thought possible! Bryan led the group in a three year goal visualization asking “what does your perfect life look like?”

Step 4. Implement techniques for automatic and stress-free debt elimination. We will show you how to create an individual plan to get rid of your debt while simultaneously increasing your wealth. Turn your attention away from your debt and toward the solid ground of your financial future!

Step 5. Make financial abundance a priority.
Prosperity isn’t just going to happen; you’ll have to find time to create it. Together, we’ll make room in your schedule for you to consistently do the work necessary to arrive at where you want to be financially. Spending some time on your money now will buy you worlds of time to focus on what you love most. Recommended reading is THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy by Thomas J. Stanley & William D. Danko

Step 6. Learn to really earn. In this section you’ll learn valuable strategies that will allow you to legally save significant money in taxes. We also help you evaluate and develop business ideas that will put you in control of your income and your schedule – eliminating the need for the pesky “day jobs.” “We have got to show that we are running a business. People usually quit show business because of money.”

Step 7. Accelerate your wealth by investing regularly. This investment primer will inspire you to begin the critical cycle of making your money perform for you. We’ll take stock of your current skill set to help you research and determine simple investment opportunities that require minimal amounts of money to start and succeed.

Step 8. Surround yourself with other wealth builders. We will help and encourage you to start the powerful process of networking with others who have also made the commitment to create financial prosperity. If other people are doing it and making it happen, why not be mentored by them? You’ll be amazed how surrounding yourself with people who are truly “up to something” will positively affects every aspect of your life and career.

Step 9. Be persistent on your path to prosperity. Only by sticking to your plan will you create positive and powerful changes in your financial picture. We provide the tools and support you need to keep going despite any obstacles and help you implement systems that will ensure your wealth building process eventually becomes automatic.

In March 2009, THE ACTOR’S GUIDE TO MONEY MANAGEMENT will be delivered to the masses. This powerful and inspirational book is a must-read financial primer for artists everywhere. Learn to marry art and commerce at every stage of your career by returning to the essential ingredients of financial responsibility and accountability.

THE ACTOR’S GUIDE TO MONEY MANAGEMENT outlines the first 5 steps of The Artists’ Prosperity System and defines the movement of the creative professional in the new millennium, from Starving Artists to Money Magnets!

I really put on my thinking cap after hosting this seminar! (As I’m sure many attendees did as well.) Check out the Abundance Bound website for much more information including free tele- seminars. Thank you Miata and Bryan for expanding our knowledge!

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