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Tracy WeisertSynopsis by Tracy Weisert

Wendy Haines’ GOALS & SUCCESS  Inside the Industry

We purposely scheduled goals and success coach, Wendy Haines for our February guest speaker as a great and energizing springboard into pilot season!

I asked for assistance to write this month’s article, as I am such a big fan of Wendy’s coaching work and could not be objective. It was also a challenge to put on paper what Wendy does in her empowering success workshops. After Wendy’s well-attended Casting Networks seminar several years ago, I was so eager to learn more, that I took her all day, very interactive, inspiring, IGNITE YOUR CAREER intensive and had a ball! I also learned quite a bit and it has up-leveled my professional acting career. This past month’s seminar was equally rewarding and fun! Since I am biased, I asked several of our Casting Networks professional actor members to write of their experiences of Wendy and our seminar.

Michael Allan said- “To be honest, I approached Wendy’s seminar with some skepticism.  Just a couple of hours later, however, I left feeling energized, motivated and inspired.  Wendy shared many simple words of advice in that brief time.  She really broke down the excuses which distract us in our stressful, busy day-to-day lives and she brought the focus back to the prize we really want.  Few career choices are as nerve-wracking as acting and the reminders to visualize that goal and to be open to change help counteract a lifetime of bad habits and negative self-talk.  We spend so much time in classes learning about acting but often overlook how it fits into our overall life balance and definition of success.”

Kat Jensen observed- “I’ve taken a lot of workshops and classes about goal setting for success, but Wendy brings self-empowerment to the conversation. Her tools helped me dig down to what I value and what will make a difference in the actions I take. Wendy brings a holistic approach that can strengthen your personal and professional life, and I found that she helped me expand the vision I hold for my entire future! Wendy’s workshop was terrific!”

Kellie Ramdhanie said- ”One quote that resonated with me during Wendy’s seminar was when she said ‘Success requires going out of your comfort zone.’ Every time I feel nervous about trying something new, I think about this quote and it gives me the courage to go through with it; knowing that I will become stronger and grow as a person because of my new experience.  Also, the ‘Yes Tool’ is so much fun to do! My body feels energized and my spirits are lifted immediately!”

Katherine Siegmeth observed- “Wendy is a very empowered women whose outlook can help anyone empower themselves in the direction they need to go.  She knows how to ‘Play it Big’ and can help you to shine and break through those conditioned blocks!”

One of my favorite quotes that Wendy shared is, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michelangelo.

For me, that pretty much summed up the empowering philosophy, goal setting and tangible solutions I learned from Wendy. See you all on set! 😉

Here is an update from Wendy herself- “I loved getting the opportunity to be with the great crowd at Casting Networks.  It’s always inspiring to me to share what I love to teach with the enthusiastic actors at CN.  The latest way we are supporting actors is through our Coaching Group!  It’s a high impact, affordable way to really move your career forward!  We will be starting a new group this spring, so, if you’re interested in finding out more, visit our website or contact me at”

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