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Hi there, person reading this. My name is Lindsay Katai and you’re going to see me pop up in this blog from time to time, so I wanted to introduce myself.

I’ll be a little different from our other bloggers in that I’m a full-time employee of Casting Networks and I’ll be writing entries more than once a month. With that in mind, we hope you’ll start checking in with the blog more often because we’d like to become an even more dedicated resource for everyone in their careers.

And really, that’s why I’ve been brought in to blog as an employee. I’ve been with Casting Networks just about five years. I’ve done a little bit of almost everything, going from Customer Service to Project Management to Accounting and now here, so I have a wide range of knowledge about the company. But beyond that, I’ve actually been a user of the site even longer. This here is for me what you might call a day job, as I’m also a writer and performer and put my Audition Notices on one leg at a time like everyone else.

I don’t know why I started to sound like an old timey politician from the 1920s for a second there. I promise it will never happen again.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that I’m in the thick of it too, I still have a lot of headway to make in my career, and I’m here to serve as a likeminded voice with that perspective. I hope you’ll find my posts informative and entertaining. And I should tell you that my sounding like an old timey person from the ’20s will almost certainly happen again. I was lying before when I said it wouldn’t. I want to start this from a place of honesty.

Thanks and I’ll see you on the Interwebs! Just kidding. I don’t say Interwebs. I’m better than that.