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The beginning of the year always brings up lists of resolutions and goals. There is a place for that at times, and other times, a resolutions place is in the trash. Yep, you heard that right. There is so much pressure to create grand lists, become a “regular” at the gym and completely cut out carbs, sugar and dairy. Just writing that sentence makes me wanna cuddle up in sweats only suitable for the house with a big bowl of pasta topped with parmesan. My idea of the way to start a new year is to clean the clutter on the outside which inadvertently cleans the clutter on the inside. 

Take inventory of what takes up your time, mental energy, and space in your home. What about that mess in your car (I can see you wincing now), and holey clothes in your closet…my issue is pit stains. Lastly, but most importantly, who’s in your world that unconsciously influences your decisions, attitude and happiness.

Grab a hefty bag my friend!

Get rid of the shit. You know exactly what shit I’m referring to. Look around your space from the moment you walk up to the door. If there’s a dying plant, give it a ceremony and replace with a bright happy one to greet you! Is there a junk bowl you throw your keys in that has so much “junk” you can never find your keys when you leave? No need to save anything that doesn’t have good vibes attached to it.

Cleaning out the kitchen, fridge and pantry is one of the healthiest house projects you can do! What we fuel ourselves with impacts cognitive function, influence moods, give more or less energy and lead you to the couch or amazing accomplishments. Swap a cookie jar on the counter for a bowl of bright green apples. Get in the habit of cutting veggies or fruits and put them in glass tupperware so they are ready to go. Read the labels of your pantry items and toss anything with high fructose corn syrup, natural flavors, dyes, artificial sugar or preservatives you can’t pronounce.

Can I hitch a ride? Shotgun!

In LA, we spend a road rage inducing amount of time in our cars! Create a space that makes this time enjoyable and more Zen. Toss any trash. Organize the cubby’s. Keep snacks in your middle console so you’re never stuck staring at a dumb ass personalized license plate on the 405 with low blood sugar. What would I suggest? Raw nuts and seeds, high fiber dried fruits such as pears, apples, aprictos, prunes and figs. Make sure they are just the fruit with no added sugar or sulfer dioxide. Clean bars; GoMacro, RISE, Raw Revolution, Health Warrior, and Fiber Love. Non-GMO popcorn, kale chips or coconut chips. Another great habit is always grabbing a fresh piece of fruit before leaving the house and that glass Tupperware of sliced veggies you prepped in the beginning of the week.

Take me to your closet!

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to play dress up. Then play, get the hell out of my closet. By removing any clothes that don’t fit, are out of fashion or just don’t look fresh anymore will eliminate stress in the busy mornings when rushing to work. And less stress means minimizing the hormone cortisol which encourages fat to throw a party on our midsections. Plus donating those unwanted clothes makes everyone feel really good.

Check those vibes.

You become who you hang around. Let that sink in for a moment. Think about the habits that have developed either for the good or not so good. Are you meeting your friend for a gorgeous hike outside on the weekend or closing out the bars hooking up with someone you’d typically never swipe right for without those beer goggles? Do you find yourself naturally setting goals throughout the whole year because your friends are encouraging and lift you up? If so, f#ck yeah! On the other hand, some people love complaining, talking shit and misery loves company…but not your company! Not this year! Your energy, attitude and happiness is priceless. As are amazing friends. Unfriend or delete the feeds on social media that share content you don’t feel good looking at.

Start 2018 with a hefty bag and killer intentions.

Taking this type of radical action will do more for you than making a list and taking no action. Happy New Year!

Jill Anenberg Lawrence is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life. Jill also whips butts into shape as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer releasing humorous exercise videos on YouTube with silly cameos of her two rescue dogs. Health and fitness are Jill’s second passion after laughing so hard her abs get a workout. After many years performing stand-up making people laugh, she’s transitioned that love of entertaining to her true passion, educating others on health and wellness while keeping it fun & edgy in her coaching business Health Uncensored! You can find out more at