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Whoever labeled us performer folk as starving artists is about to be proven dead wrong today. Yes the paycheck for a background actor might not afford a seat at a high class restaurant, but spent intelligently, that cutie who said only whispers in the diner is about to dine right tonight. Having the knowledge of how to buy tasty, healthy food that will stretch longer than all the sequels of Fast and the Furious movies will leave both your tummy and wallet full.

When working with clients, I love sharing all types of nutritious foods, especially the ones that can be bought for cheap but are wealthy in nutrients.

No need to drain your account to fill your plate, Health Coach Jill has got you covered!

Take notes and eat well my friends. You work hard and deserve to be fed like a Star even when some days eating on a day rate budget.

Tip 1: Buy In Season. Just as you wouldn’t show up to a red carpet rocking last years fashion, who wants to eat produce not in season? It’s way more expensive to load your plate with an unripe piece of fruit than eating what’s literally falling off the trees. When we purchase locally fruits/veggies that are in season, not only are we getting the best deal, but additionally supporting what our bodies thrive on during that particular time of year.

Tip 2: Ice Ice Baby! Frozen is what’s up! Fruits and vegetable are flash frozen at their peak of ripeness. Meaning- these babies contain all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients as their high priced fresh friends. Often times weighing in with more produce in the bag and with a lower price tag. Sounds good to me. Another bonus, no need to worry about anything rotting or having to be tossed because they are frozen. Think of them as your understudies waiting for you in the wings.

Tip 3: It’s all about the Bins! I used to get in trouble for picking from the bins when I was a kid. I called it “free samples.” Now that I’m older…yup I still pick. Who can resist chocolate covered pretzels. Ok, but that’s not what I want you to fill your bags with. The bins are always substantially cheaper because you’re buying in bulk. Items like oats, quinoa, brown rice, nuts, seeds will last a long time, are great plant based protein choices and round out any meal.

Tip 4: Stick to the Script. I can pretty much guarantee if I don’t make a list and I just shop for what looks good, my hungry ass buys way more than I need. Planning out meals and snacks allows very little space for wasted money and food. And if you do get a little tempted and muchie…tip toe over to the bins and get your fix there. Lol.

Tip 5: Be your own Mama and pack yourself snacks. This is one of the top weight loss tips I give clients. It’s inexpensive and saves you from temptation and unknown ingredients in “crap food” for purchase. I love prepping baggies of raw veggies, fruits like bananas, pears and green apples travel well, homemade trail mix with a variety of nuts and un-sulfered dried fruit, popcorn, clean protein bars like GoMacro, RISE, Health Warrior, Aloha and Keep Healthy, and always a glass or stainless steel water bottle for hydration.

Tip 6: Bessie would like you to eat less meat. Put down your steak knife, I’m not saying give up your meat forever, just eat less of it. For the main reason of this blog, it’s an expensive protein that offers no fiber, lots of saturated fat and will raise cholesterol levels. Other reasons lend to huge environmental issues, land degradation and the horrible abuse these animals endure in factory farming. Beans, lentils, and split peas are crazy high in both protein and fiber AND iron! A whole bag might cost a whopping 2 bucks and last longer than pilot season.

Tip 7: Move over Hollywood Stars. When buying packaged food, it does not need to be a name brand. Many times the grocery store brand has the same quality ingredients as twice the price name brand ones. Always read the label though and ensure what you are purchasing is healthy and deserves to be in that sexy bod of yours.

Tip 8: Move away from craft services! In other words, stop buying shitty junk food. Not only will your bill go up but so will weight, cholesterol, constipation and mood swings. Definitely not qualities of a star actor…well, some still do have mood swings 😉 So what exactly am I referring to? Soda, juices (eat the real thing), sugary cereals, crap filled protein or granola bars, candy, cookies, lifeless carbs, crackers, fries, ya’ know all that shit we crave but know is bad for us. We crave it because they are loaded with salt, sugar and “natural flavors” which make us uncontrollably eat because those flavors contain anything from MSG to petrochemicals.

Tip 9: Be a Grower Not a Shower. Herbs will light up your kitchen! Basil, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, even tomatoes on the vine can easily thrive with residency on your windowsill. They will add tons of flavor and health to your food for pennies.

Taking the time to invest in your health and food purchases will save you time, money and lost sick days down the road.

Without our health, we have nothing.


Occasionally spending a little more on healthy splurges is worth it. Bad health means those pricey pumps stay in the closet and not on the red carpet. Poor choices lead to medical costs, side effect filled drugs and auditions missed to sick days. Good health gives us everything! A positive attitude, zest for life and ability to entertain the world.

Any tips you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear. Tweet me or find me on facebook: Jill Anenberg Lawrence


Jill Anenberg Lawrence is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life. Jill also whips butts into shape as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer releasing humorous exercise videos on YouTube with silly cameos of her two rescue dogs. Health and fitness are Jill’s second passion after laughing so hard her abs get a workout. After many years performing stand-up making people laugh, she’s transitioned that love of entertaining to her true passion, educating others on health and wellness while keeping it fun & edgy in her coaching business Health Uncensored! You can find out more at