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Haven’t you heard…green is the new black? I’m so excited because I’m sharing my secret fave healthiest drink on earth! Sounds like an exaggeration, but this bad boy is the highest antioxidant drink by 100x more than it’s competing superfoods. All performers and creatives should be savoring a cup of this magical drink because the benefits are worthy of an Oscar speech!

So what the heck is it you ask? Matcha Tea!!   

But not just any ol’ brand. I researched and found the cleanest, highest quality, best tasting Matcha by Ujido!

Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha:
  • Revs up metabolism and incinerates fat
  • Stimulate, and protect your brain
  • Improve memory and learning
  • Positive mood
  • High levels of L-Theanine: calming, reduce anxiety
  • Chlorophyl: detoxing & decreases hunger
*And if you’re trying to cut back on coffee…meet your new addiction! ?
So just how healthy is it?
Matcha tastes like green tea got a major upgrade. It’s clean, refreshing and tastes amazing as is or with a little honey & coconut milk.
As your “Casting Networks” Health Coach, I got you a hook up with 20% off! Use Code: JillSave20 and get yourself on the most nutritious health beverage you soon won’t be able to live without!
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Jill Anenberg Lawrence is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life. Jill also whips butts into shape as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer releasing humorous exercise videos on YouTube with silly cameos of her two rescue dogs. Health and fitness are Jill’s second passion after laughing so hard her abs get a workout. After many years performing stand-up making people laugh, she’s transitioned that love of entertaining to her true passion, educating others on health and wellness while keeping it fun & edgy in her coaching business Health Uncensored! You can find out more at