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“Can I get you something to drink?” We are constantly being offered beverages, coffee, a nightcap, and often tempted with drinks that deplete our energy, vitamin levels and promote mood swings. Gosh, if only there were magical potions that promote health, longevity, sustained energy, beauty…yes beauty, and increased memory. Well step right up to this month’s, “Health Uncensored” blog because I’ve got a taste of what you want right here!

Before I grant you the keys to the castle of health concoctions…

Your only entry fee will be either massively reducing or quitting these crappy drinks like the bad ass who’s in control of your life. Pinky swear? Ok, done my friend! The below all contain exorbitant amounts of white sugar, artificial sugar, natural and artificial flavors (which can be over 100 disgusting things), and colors.

Steer clear of these four:

1) Soda: Yes, yes, we all know soda is bad. Then why the heck are you still drinking it? One can of soda contains roughly 40 grams of sugar, we’re talkin’ 10 teaspoons! That white stuff overloads your liver, spikes blood sugar levels, drains energy and, wait for it, makes you fat. Hey don’t kill the messenger, just stop putting that garbage down your pie hole. And one more side effect of sugar- premature aging and wrinkles.

2) Energy drinks: Red Bull, monster, 5-hour energy, rockstar, will all leaving you feeling, actually yeah, like a rock star. Temporarily cracked out, filled with way too much white stuff, then inevitably as if you partied all night and need a nap. Minus the hot groupie girl to take care of you.

3) Say no to Joe:  Specifically coffee drinks that end in a chino or the “skinny girl” sugar-free version. Hint, skinny girl means shit. Studies on artificial sugar are linked to weight gain. What? No fair Starbucks! No joke, there is usually over 50 long ass words in the ingredient list of a Starbucks drink. So, if you think you’re “treating” yourself to a post interview Chocolate Chip Mochachino, you’re really trashing your insides with a laundry list of fake ingredients that will blow your waistline as much as your wallet.

4) Boxed juice: I think you can guess the culprit here. Bingo! Sugar! You win, well you win by saving yourself from empty calories. Processed fruit juice metabolizes in your liver the same as a soda, just way too much sugar! A simple swap…eat the real thing. Fiber filled fruit won’t spike your blood sugar but will satisfy your hunger and also feed the toilet bowl. TMI? No way! Not when you’re reading a blog titled ‘Health Uncensored.’

Take a big deep breath with me- and exhale!

We got through that part. And now, the main event ladies and gentleman. What to drink to enhance memory, cognitive function, beauty, energy, health and lots more!


Mushroom coffee and Elixirs by FourSigmatic:. Before you say yuck I hate mushrooms, you might wanna say- I’m open, because I love brain power. I have a ‘shroom crush on this company and the tasty products they offer. I promise, Girl Scouts Honor, none of their drinks have even a hint of mushroom flavor. I also promise you will notice a HUGE difference in your immune health, skin, brain activity, focus, energy & performance, as well as your stress and sleep! If you drink coffee, this is what you want to be drinking in the morning. Relaxing elixirs in the evening to get that brain restoring and is important beauty sleep. And my favorite product, their Hot Cacao mix! Get 10% off your order!

Buy it here:


Green juice. Drinking juice made predominantly from greens like spinach, kale, celery, cucumber is like taking a shot of Popeye’s choice! I like to throw a green apple, lemon and ginger in there to cut the green flavor a bit. The fiber is removed in juicing allowing your body to absorb, digest and immediately put to use all those incredible vitamins and minerals. Green juice is also one of the most alkalizing beverages which reduces inflammation, susceptibility to disease, clears skin, foggy thinking, and sugar cravings. There might be days when juicing at home or purchasing from a juice bar isn’t an option. That’s ok. Green powders will get the job done too! Think of them as the sexy back up dancer. Mix a tablespoon with cold water and toss that bad boy back.


Ener-C vitamin and electrolyte powders.This effervescent drink mix is an amazing soda, juice, sports drink and energy drink replacement that loads your cells with vitamins and minerals! Contains vitamins A, C, E and B, real fruit juice powders, and nothing artificial. Ener-C provides immune and thyroid support, electrolytes, antioxidants and so much more! They have 7 ridiculously delicious flavors to choose from! I love their saying, “The healthier you are, the better you are.” Buy it here:




Lemon water. I wanted to throw in the cheapest drink possible here. All you gotta do is squeeze half a lemon in your water and you have yourself quite the detox my friend. When out to lunch, ask for a couple lemon slices. On a walk gettin’ your vitamin D and you come across a blossoming lemon tree, go ahead and pick a couple. Lemon water will flush your liver clean, hydrate your skin, also an easy way to get alkaline, helps with digestion, cleaner & clearer skin and a full body flush.



Care for a spot of tea darling? Easy way to kick or reduce that caffeinated coffee habit, a warm cup of tea. I literally drink a cup of tea everyday. It’s so comforting in the winter time and refreshing iced during the summer. Not all tea is created equal. I look for tea that is ethically sourced, certified organic, non-gmo, no artificial flavorings, and the best quality! I found all that in Davidson’s Tea! There are so many options to choose from. Some of my favorites are all the Tulsi teas, green, earl grey, chamomile, hibiscus, matcha, mint…I mean, the list could go on and on. Get 10% off with code: Jill10 Buy it here:


Bottoms up with the right stuff so you don’t bottoms up, drained of energy, with the wrong stuff. Every single day we have the choice to fuel with garbage or top of the line premium.


Jill Anenberg Lawrence is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and is certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life. Jill also whips butts into shape as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer releasing humorous exercise videos on YouTube with silly cameos of her two rescue dogs. Health and fitness are Jill’s second passion after laughing so hard her abs get a workout. After many years performing stand-up making people laugh, she’s transitioned that love of entertaining to her true passion, educating others on health and wellness while keeping it fun & edgy in her coaching business Health Uncensored! You can find out more at