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Katieby Katie Barnes


When it comes to getting things done, often finishing something is easier than starting out. But how do we keep ourselves going and continue to reap the rewards of past effort, long after our original goals have been reached?

Take a moment to think why you let good intentions slide. What types of things make you commit to them and not others, no matter what? For example, keeping the lawns mowed; getting our kids to school on time; routine servicing for our vehicles are tedious “maintenance” tasks that we build into our schedules, yet somehow we know that in the long run it will improve the future situation, it will pay off. And we are right, in several ways.

Since the battle to stay in shape is also a constant one, it is helpful to remember that much like cleaning the house, we don’t have to like “exercise,” we just have to do it. And if we don’t take action, then we must be ok with the consequences and health issues that may occur as a result. In addition to the physical benefits from regular movement, pride posture and confidence will develop just by doing such deliberate activity. This can change how we appear as people: more happy, stronger, and focused through committing to ourselves in these ways.

There are many days that we will turn up for work, regardless of whether we like our jobs, if we are tired, bored or not feeling our best. Why do we still keep showing up at the office? Because that “work” we do in spite of ourselves, allows us to live well and to provide our comforts and pleasures; it models a life-ethic for our kids; and there is the human need to feel achievement. In this process of taking action and having to do things we don’t always like, it can create lives that lead to the futures of our dreams.

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