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Katieby Katie Barnes

The Truth about Fitness Fads

As a busy private trainer and Pilates specialist in Hollywood, I’m often asked for my opinion when new exercise equipment or the latest workout hits the market. With so many promises of the “perfect body” or the “real secret to weight loss,” how do we separate fact from fiction and choose movement that will sculpt regular, constructive exercise into our lives while making us feel good and look even better?

A fad is considered a fleeting behavior, something driven by emotional excitement, peer pressure, societal trends and normally fades quickly once the perception of novelty has gone or been replaced by another similar activity. If you know about yo-yo dieting, then fads are the same in fitness, with their premises being counter to the sustainable workout regimens that can actually prove a client’s continued success.

Not all exercise is equal, suitable or effective for all people. Watch for workouts that involve unverifiable testimonials or sudden “cures”; celebrity-endorsed products that encourage radical cleanses or diets that remove entire food groups; and fitness programs that demand too much workout time per day (two hours + or the “30-60-90”-day promises); or too little exercise time (only 10 minutes for total fitness, abs etc.) Instead find challenging yet uncompetitive classes, small group or private training where you will get correction and feedback on your progress, learn how best to work with your body and find a place where you can see yourself still going strong a year from now- fitter, leaner and happy you found a real fitness “home.”

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