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Katieby Katie Barnes

Time for a Trainer!

Working out regularly and not seeing results? That’s the best time to log some time with a trainer. Find out what you’re doing right in the gym and learn new ways to use your body most effectively while breaking the boredom of an old routine and boosting metabolism. Spend just two to three hours a week with an exercise specialist–it’ll get you past your blocks, make you lighter on the scale and turn you into a workout warrior!


  1. Do they hold a national fitness certification?
  2. How much time does it takes to earn that qualification? Weekend-type courses are continuing education for fitness professionals and may not be considered a real qualification.
  3. How long have they worked professionally as a trainer or Pilates instructor?
  4. Do they earn their full-time living from teaching exercise?
  5. Do they have an athletic appearance and appear to be in great physical shape?
  6. Are they on-time, personable, friendly and give you different exercises each time?
  7. Do they try to sell you vitamin supplements when they are not qualified in nutrition or medicine?
  8. Did they ask you sign a liability waiver? This shows professionalism, as a trainer must prove current continuing exercise and CPR certification in order to purchase their insurance.
  9. Look for trainers that emphasize balance in exercise, eating and lifestyle. Are they helping you to find the right combination of workouts or do they preach just one style as the ultimate solution? You want to find what works for you rather than join a fitness fad organization.
  10. Watch for trainers who insist on extreme kinds of fitness training, fueling your body on “juice cleanses,” low-calorie diets or multiple hours of training per day.

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