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Katieby Katie Barnes

Heal the Pain: What’s to Gain?

One benefit of regular exercise is the creation of a body that heals more quickly from illness and injury. But when is pain present? What makes it different from the muscle soreness and fatigue that is a normal part of growing stronger, more fit and flexible in a regular training session? Symptoms that indicate tissue tear or possible fracture may present as an ongoing sharp pain or dull ache that does not improve after 7-10 days of rest or reduced movement. There may be localized swelling and redness, with an inability to bear some or all body weight in relation to the area. This is the time to see a doctor. Muscle and tendon strains may appear as tenderness accompanied by a developing stiffness but these generally heal on their own with R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Perform this twice daily for 20 minutes, using compression bandages for support and wait until the pain has gone before attempting to stretch the area again.

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