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Katieby Katie Barnes

Take a Stand 

With technology forcing prolonged periods of sitting at a computer, looking down at a mobile device, or constantly turning our attention toward some type of screen, these unconscious repetitive actions can create postural and movement patterns that create painful imbalances. There are many static positions where flexion at the joint is common (hip, knee, elbow, wrist), often presenting as tightness, weakness and chronic discomfort on one side or both.

When deciding how to structure a workout, think about the positions you take during the day and create exercise stances that are in direct contrast to those such as standing, kneeling, or leaning in a way where the core trunk muscles are activated to be the base for the main movement. An example of this would be to hold a side-plank body position while lifting a weight with the free arm. Also choose cardio equipment that requires standing like a stair climber, elliptical or treadmill and finish with abdominal and core moves that focus on creating length in your torso and limbs, adding rotation and deep breathing for maximal training effect, improved flexibility and control through extension.

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