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Katieby Katie Barnes

Track Food for the Fitness Fast Track

One of the best ways to manage your eating is to keep a daily food journal. Keep it simple by recording what you eat, drink and at what time. Include items like water, coffee and snacks (or office candy!). Review your journal each night and make adjustments that focus on maintaining a regular eating schedule. Always have breakfast and space meals consistently four or five hours apart. Choose foods based on nutrition content first, calorie-count, second. Each meal should be around 400-500 calories if you do little to no exercise.

Active people, who work out three or more times per week at a medium to high intensity, can afford to consume 500-600 calories per meal. Allow up to three snacks per day of fewer than 100 calories while factoring in any drinks that will increase your daily totals. Not only does tracking intake make you accountable to yourself, you’ll feel in control and notice the difference on the scale!

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