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Katieby Katie Barnes

Pilates or Yoga?

These fitness trends are here to stay… but which one will help you reach your goals? Grounded in specific breathing techniques, both disciplines build strength and improve flexibility while working barefoot. They are considered “mind-body” activities, where breathing patterns help connect body and mind to create flow and specific muscle engagements.

Yoga uses movement as a spiritual practice, with various branches emphasizing the breath and meditative aspects, while other forms focus on a series of challenging, static postures that often begin standing and end down on the floor. Classic Pilates will start from a supine or seated position with exercises geared towards standing upright at session’s end. It is unique exercise centering on core strength development, creating ideal postural alignment and correction of muscle imbalances. Athletic or rehabilitative in style, Pilates is precise, continuous, and deep body conditioning that can also deliver cardiovascular benefits without impact.

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