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Once a month Casting Networks hosts a live event with an entertainment industry expert at the SAG Foundation Actors Center in Los Angeles. It’s a way for our users to get valuable tips and advice from leading casting directors and other industry professionals. And since each month brings a different topic and speaker, it’s a unique experience every time.

This Saturday, February 28th we’ll meet with Renita Gale Swaekauski. You may know Renita as the casting director of “Spun,” “Jesus Is Magic,” or a multitude of big brand commercials and A-list music videos. Or you may know her as being passionately committed to helping actors make their dreams come true as a “Master Manifester,” teaching mindfulness exercises and other tools to help them stay present and grounded in their daily life as a means of furthering their careers.

One thing is for sure, this seminar is not gonna be about headshots or how to join SAG. What it is going to be about is how to realign your thinking in a way that is going to help you achieve your career goals as opposed to derail them. I don’t know about you guys, but personally I struggle with OCD and depression, as do a lot of people in this industry. Mine is primarily a problem of whirring, endlessly negative thinking. A Tilt-A-Whirl of thoughts, if you will. And like a Tilt-A-Whirl, it leaves me nauseated and too dizzy to win enough tickets in Skee-Ball to get the prize I want.

If you’ve already reserved your ticket, we look forward to seeing you at this event. If you don’t, we’re sorry to say that it is currently sold out, but we’ll be posting a recap in the coming weeks. And if this sounds like something you’d be interested in attending and you would like to stay in the loop, send an email to seminars[at]castingnetworks[dot]com with your name and email address and we’d love to add you to our invite list. Currently, these events are happening only in Los Angeles, but events in other cities are in the works. Stay tuned!