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My creative friends are my most passionate.  They become passionate about topics of discussion, about their friend’s romantic situations, their partners behavior, other people’s life choices or opposing views in a social media post.

Passion is amazing, and I love that these people are in my life.  I only wonder, every now and then, what their lives would be… where they would end up… if that passion were focused toward their dreams instead.

See, these same people who talk to me for hours about their broken love life, or the behavior of some person they know… these same people are the ones who can’t figure out why their career isn’t moving forward… why their dreams aren’t coming true.

Their conversations run a mile a minute about so many topics of discontent and so many things that pull their mental energy.  I wonder how on Earth the Universe will ever weed through all that noise to find the one little piece of them that is screaming to be heard.  Yelling with its tiny voice “but I want to be an actor” “but I’m an amazing storyteller” “but I’m meant to change the world”

Immense passion is one of the best traits a life can be blessed with.  To embrace and be driven by your heart and how deeply you care is a beautiful way to be.

To focus that passion in one direction?

Now, that… that could change the world.

By Kym Jackson

                                 An Extract From: The Hollywood Survival Guide For Actors


© 2012


Kym Jackson (Snitch, NCIS:LA, Criminal Minds) is an Australian actress and MENSA member who has been living and working in Hollywood since 2004. She has played lead and supporting roles in over thirty feature films & TV shows. Her book ‘The Hollywood Survival Guide – For Aussie Actors’ is on sale in almost a hundred bookstores and is recommended reading in over forty acting schools Australia-wide, including NIDA and QUT. facebookinstagramtwitterimdb