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Recap! If you weren’t able to attend February’s seminar with casting director Renita Gale Swaekauski, you missed out on a lovely day. Renita was kind enough to share her experiences with and skills in keeping herself grounded in the present moment. From a three minute jaunt around the room to introduce ourselves to as many people as possible while acknowledging what we are grateful for in our lives, to a guided exercise in which we used visualization techniques, to watching Renita work one-on-one with an attendee to break through what she sees as her biggest career/energy block, it was a pretty special day. We thank her for her time and presence of spirit in bringing all that to our users.

Renita now wants to extend a special invitation along with an EXCLUSIVE CNI members-only discount for The Actor’s Present Workshop she is leading on Saturday, April 11 in Los Angeles. The workshop is for ALL performers, age 18+, be they an industry beginner or veteran.

This $100 off discount expires Sunday, March 15 at 8pm and is only available by using this link:

Just know that this is not an audition workshop, acting class, or business of acting workshop – it’s a workshop on energy, presence, and self-actualization. It’s also not affiliated with Casting Networks in any way, so please know that in our passing along this information to you, it is only in the hopes that this is something our users would enjoy and benefit from and not because we are being paid or get any profit in doing so.


You can also go here for more information:

She’s also offering an exclusive 50% discount on her TRANSFORMATIONAL DECLARATIONS FOR ACTORS MP3.  This special discount expires at 4pm on Sunday 3/15.  If you’d like to take advantage of this CNI discount, go to:, click “BUY NOW,” and enter the discount code: “CNI” at checkout. Again, this is not a CNI product, so know that we simply enjoy Renita as a human being and like to see likeminded artists come together.

If this interests you, get at it! And we’ll see you at the next CNI seminar on March 28th. Guest TBD!

image1Lindsay Katai is a writer/performer/debtor who has worked at Casting Networks since 2010.