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Charlene Borja, a Los Angeles native, is the Casting Billboard Supervisor for Casting Networks, Inc. She’s worked in all areas of entertainment including casting, agencies & production. She is also owner of PYT Productions (People You Trust), an event production company that specializes in private parties and special events.On her days off, Charlene enjoys spending quality time with her family, kicking back, watching movies and lots of cooking! Hiking is numero uno to shed off extra pounds from all that good cooking. When there’s any ounce of time left in her schedule, a cozy bed is all she needs for a perfect day.

Savory Delight

SOYAKI MARINADE – From Trader Joe’s
TURKEY MEATBALLS – From Trader Joe’s
FROZEN BROWN RICE – From Trader Joe’s
Green Beans
Olive Oil

1) Take a medium sauce pan and fill it with water. 75% full. Bring it to a boil.

2) Once water has come to a boil, add in 6 thawed turkey meatballs into the sauce pan. Add 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil to boiling water. Let turkey meatballs cook in boiling water for 7 minutes.

3) While turkey meatballs are boiling, place a pan on High heat, and add a teaspoon of olive oil once pan is hot., and sautee just over a handful of green beans for 5 minutes

4) In the same pan, after 5 minutes, turn the heat to Medium and add in 2 handfuls of spinach. Once spinach starts to welt, turn the heat to Low and simmer. Add in 2 table spoons of water to the pan, simmer, and cover for 3 minutes.

5) Once Spinach and green beans are cooked, remove them from the pan and place aside.

6) Meatballs will be cooked after 7 minutes. Drain all the water from sauce pan and add meatballs to the pan on medium heat. Add 3 tablespoons of Soyaki Marinade to the pan and toss to coat all the meatballs. Do this for about 3 minutes on Medium heat. Meatballs will absorb the marinade while adding a little bit of a grilled flavor to the meatballs.

7) Cook your frozen brown rice in the microwave for 3 minutes. Follow directions on the box

8) Once meatballs are cooked, remove them from pan and put aside in a bowl or plate.

9) Add cooked rice into pan with left over meatball / soyaki au jus. Toss rice for about 1 minute in pan on medium heat or until evenly coated.

10) PLATING: Add rice to the center of your plate, creating a mountain like circle. Then add 75% of your greens on top of the rice, followed by 6 meatballs, topped with the left over greens. You can plate it however you desire.

Then…you’re done! BON APPETIT!