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Another week, another fantastic short-film event.

That was the case in August when we attended an NFTS short-film screening with Cinema Jam at the Hackney Attic. This was a special night for us, as it was our first evening as official sponsors of Cinema Jam’s members only “jam-sessions.”

It was great to be welcomed into the Cinema Jam community by Jared and his fantastic team who really made us feel at home and part of the family. We enjoyed talking to people from all sides of the industry, be they actors, filmmakers or technicians  – and not just about Casting Networks but also the interesting films we saw on the evening.

The NFTS films screened on the day were fantastic, not just in terms of the production quality, but also in the creativity and imagination that went into their storylines.

So why are we attending so many of these events for independent filmmakers? We believe that the UK’s only “complete” casting system shouldn’t be limited to big-budget productions. The teams behind the latest Nike campaign or Peaky Blinders all started somewhere, so we offer our leading software to the filmmakers of tomorrow. Not only that, but we’re keen to help broaden the search for finding the right talent, with access to our vast database across the UK, as well as opportunities to find talent in France, Spain, and South Africa, where Casting Networks recently launched.

We look forward to more of these evenings in the near future and to a continuing relationship with Cinema Jam.