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As many of you know, Casting Networks recently partnered with 20th Century Fox TV and Theatrical to be their exclusive software platform for the casting process.  We have been working as quickly as we can to make the transition as efficient as possible for everyone involved. The onboarding process has been a big undertaking, and we really appreciate your patience through this time.

Important Note

We are aware of the TV and Theatrical actor community’s concerns about having to join and pay for yet another service.  While much of the information that has been circulated is inaccurate, we are working as quickly as possible to make Casting Networks’ free offering for repped actors much more robust.  Effective immediately, we will:

  • Offer an additional free photo for new profiles (2 total)
  • Offer free media hosting to upload video reels and clips during this transition
  • If you have an existing casting networks profile, we are able to copy your resume, media and photos to any new profile, free of charge if it is on the same platform

In the first half of 2018, we will introduce a permanent new free offering that will be the best free offering on the market. This is our promise to you.   

Getting Started

I am a represented Actor and am new to Casting Networks – what do I do?

  • Obtain the ‘agency code’ from your agent or manager.
  • Go to the appropriate regional site (LA, SF, USA), and follow the prompts to join as a talent. (Please note, this applies for profiles in the US only)
  • Select “Yes I have an agent”.
  • Enter the agency code.
  • Proceed to enter your user information and create your account.  
  • During account creation, you will only be able to upload one free photo.  In order to upload your second free photo as part of our current promotion, please fill out this form .

I already have a profile with Casting Networks, but my theatrical agent told me to set up another profile with them – what do I do?

  • Agents and managers are not able to share profiles, so you’ll need to create a new profile.  Please see the steps above to create a new profile.
  • Once that profile is created we are able to copy the resume, photos and media from your existing profile over to your new profile.  If you would like us to do that for you, contact us and we’ll take care of it.



Can I create a profile for free?  Or do I have to pay to have a profile on Casting Networks?

For talent represented by an agent or manager, there is no cost to create a profile on Casting Networks.  Your profile will include 2 free photos, and free media hosting to upload videos and reels during this transition.

I just created a profile.  How do I upload my additional free photo?

In order to upload your second free photo as part of our current promotion, please fill out this form.

Can I upload a reel?

Yes!  We’re currently offering free media hosting to upload videos and reels during this transition.

I just created a profile.  How do I activate free media hosting?

Send an email to from the email address attached to your Casting Networks profile.  Please include the promo code MEDIAPROMO, along with your name, and the name of your representation.  

What are we doing to keep the cost for actors down?

We plan to introduce new, simplified pricing over the coming year.  This will include a more robust free plan for repped talent, as well as a la carte and unlimited premium services.  

How will copying photos work?  Is there a cost associated with it?

There is no cost associated with copying photos from one profile to another. To copy photos, please email with detailed instructions.

I’ve tried calling, and have not been able to reach anyone, what can i do?

We’re experiencing extremely high call volume and are working to assist each actor personally as quickly as possible. The best way to reach us is via email at

If I signed up within the last week and paid for a second photo or media hosting, can I get a refund?

Of course.  Please contact us at with your receipt and we’ll process a refund.

What if i’m an actor in Canada?

We’re actively adding Canadian agencies, management companies and actors to our platform.

Is Casting Networks an evil corporate machine?

No! Let’s hear from our new leadership:

Co-CEO Rafi: Haha I don’t think so! Alex and I are both family men. We met at UCLA, and have been best friends and business partners for over 20 years. We’ve been active around the entertainment software industry for years and finally had an opportunity to become more heavily involved by acquiring Casting Networks and, then, Cast It Talent. We understand the challenges facing actors today, and it’s our aim to alleviate these challenges in every way we can.

Co-CEO Alex: I spent 5 years as a film and television production and development executive before Rafi and I started our first startup.  It was a secure message board for producers, and it embarked us on a 20 year career together building software and services for the entertainment industry.  We’re not an evil corporation – we absolutely love this industry and have spent our entire careers in it.  We have one simple goal – to help people in the industry, starting with actors, get more work and have longer, more productive careers!


Anything else?

We understand your frustration. We’re actively working on improving both the website and our offering for talent and we thank you for your patience and understanding during this transition.