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Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed The Rotate Photos In Sessions Issue*

You are now able to rotate photos from your Edit Session page

  • Fixed The Archiving Projects Issue

You are now able to archive and de-archive projects in Safari and Chrome

  • Fixed The Baby Age Issue

In multiple places on the site baby ages did not display in months. They now display in months everywhere and if the baby is less than a month old their age will display as newborn.

  • Fixed Issues With Session Group Photos*

There were issues setting Group Thumbnails from Photos in FastCast, as well as hiding photos in FastCast. These issues should no longer occur.

  • Fixed Schedule Design Issue When Age Was Displayed

Fixed an issue where the age was smooshing the representation name. Age and representation name are now properly spaced out.

  • Fixed Talent Audition History Display

The talent audition history is now properly ordered so that the most recent audition appears first.

  • Fixed The Split CB Button Issue

We have fixed the design of the CB button so that it now displays properly.

New Tweaks

  • Added Role Name To List View In Schedules

We’ve added the role name to the list view, so that you can use the compact view and still have the information you need.

  • Added New iTunes 11 Instructions with Screenshots To The Get Podcast Page*

We have updated the podcasting instructions for iTunes 11. We have also added screenshots for each step of the podcast process.

  • Added Podcasting on iPad Help Message*

Apple only allows users to download podcasts that can be found in the iTunes store. As this does not relate to FastCast sessions, when you attempt to podcast from an iPad there is now an alert message. It says ” This feature is currently unavailable for the iPad. You can download the podcast for this session from a desktop or laptop computer and sync it to your iPad with iTunes”

  • Redesigned The Project Overview Buttons

We have made The Email History, Add New Role, and Edit Project Details buttons larger and a more distinct color from the background, so that they stand out more.

  • Role Age Range Auto Jumps To Second Age Field

When you enter two digits in the first age field, you will be jumped to the next age field automatically.

  • The Sessions Column Is Now Wider For Easier Viewing*

The Session column on the Worksheet is one of the columns that typically contains the most data. We have slightly minimized some of the other columns so that the Sessions Column can have more space. If you are using a large monitor the column will continue to expand as you expand your browser.

  • Quick Search Now Has A Fixed Position*

Now no matter how far down on a page you have scrolled, Quick Search will open and appear at the center of your browser window.

  • Added New Text and Link Field To Client Links*

The client link URL was challenging to highlight for copying and pasting. We have set it in its own field, so that highlighting is much easier. We also added instructions for how to use right click as an easier way to copy the link.

  • Enter Submits the Login Form For Session Runners*

When logging in as a session runner, after entering your log in details, you can not hit enter to log in, instead of having to click the log in button.

  • Timeslots Are More Defined In The Schedule

The alternating gray background color is now a darker gray. There is also a darker line separating the timeslots.

* This feature or bug fix only applies to Accredited Casting Director accounts