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Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed The Print Proof Sheet Report Issue *

In Print Casting Mode, you can now print proof sheets for each talent.

  • Fixed The Print Casting Mode View Resume Issue *

We have fixed an issue in Print Casting Mode, where if your browser was made smaller, you could not open the resume for the first talent.

  • Fixed The Public Submission Notes Covering Up The Talent Phone Number Issue

Now public submission notes will not cover up the talent’s phone number.

  • Fixed The Print Project Overview With Photo References Issue

If the option is selected, the report will now print with photo references.

  • Fixed The Moving Roles With A Long Role Name Issue

Now you will be able to move talent to a different role, even if the project contains a very long role name.

  • Fixed The CB Button Still Being Split On the iPad

The CB Button is no longer split in half on the iPad.

New Tweaks

  • Added An Audio Image To Voice Over Sessions *

If a Sessions group only has audio, an audio image will display as the group thumbnail.

  • Changed The Size Sheet Display For When Talent Does Not Have a Union Selected

Previously if a talent did not have a union selected “Non-Union” would display on their size sheet. Since this could have been an oversight by the talent, we have changed it to not display any union unless a talent has a union selected in their account.

  • It’s Now Easier To Expand and Collapse Timframes In Your Schedule

You can now click anywhere on the timeframe name to expand and collapse the timeframe, instead of just the teeny tiny arrow.

  • It’s Now Easier To Select A Schedule Date

Only a small portion of the schedule date square was previously clickable. Now if you click anywhere in the square, the date will be selected.

  • Text No Longer Overlaps On The Import Photos From Resume Modal *

We have fixed an issue where the text in the header of the Sessions import photos from resume modal was overlapping.

  • Removed Unnecessary Sizes From The Print Casting Mode Display *

Gender, Hair, Hair Length, and Eye Color have been removed from the default displayed talent stats in the print casting mode. This way only the more important sizes display, such as height and weight.

* This feature or bug fix only applies to Accredited Casting Director accounts