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Casting Directors:

– Emailing Project to Casting Billboard: We made updates to the Email Project modal when sending a project to the Casting Billboard. If there are no new roles to send out the Send to Casting Billboard “Yes” checkbox now defaults to being unchecked, as will all of the roles. Also, if the selected Post to Casting Billboard Through date has passed you will not be able to send your roles to the Casting Billboard.

– Submission Notes: To expand or collapse submission notes, you are now able to click anywhere on the submission note box. Additionally, when you view your submissions in Notes View the submission notes are now expanded automatically.

– Worksheet: We updated the schedule links on the worksheet so you are now taken to the exact time slot you select.

– Schedules: Schedules now maintain the previous setting you selected on the Available Talent section after you refresh the page or navigate away and come back.


– Sides: When you download sides from a project, they are now downloaded as the name the Casting Director chose for them.

– Profile Logos: If you have a company logo uploaded and a company website listed in your account: Clicking on the logo on your talents’ profiles will now open your agency’s website in a new window.


– Request Media Instructions: When a Casting Director requests media with your submission, you no longer have to go to the Submit page to see what is required. The instructions for requested media now display on the Project Information page.

– Casting Billboard on Mobile: When viewing the Casting Billboard on a mobile device, making selections on the filter no longer automatically applies those search criteria. Instead, you will now make your selections on the filter and then select the Apply Filters button to fire off the search.

– Audition Tickets: When applicable, audition tickets now include the Callback and Shoot/Performance Note sections.