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Happy New Year!

This is my favourite time of the year. Some people live for December—they love the carols in the shops, the Christmas lights, the parties, and the buzzy lead up to the holidays. Me, I adore January! The renewed zest with which we examine our health, dreams, and relationships excites and drives me. It’s like being given that new notebook that is pristinely blank and waiting for you to create whatever you desire on its pages!! (Am I the only one to get excited about a visit to Officeworks?!)

Self-evaluation and goal setting should not be confined only to the start of the year, but it feels great start a new cycle off with fresh intentions, goals, and loads of hope and determination. I take an hour and write down everything I’d like for my year to hold, where I’d like to be, and what I’d like to release, etc. I encourage you to do the same!

On the other side of things, I definitely enjoyed myself over the holiday season and will be looking at getting my body back to tip top shape for the upcoming year as quickly as possible. It is imperative as actors to be ready to go always.

Check out my tips and the Bust your Butt workout vlog below.

Ali and Vinegar


My Top 5 Tips for getting your instrument back on track:

1. Upon rising, have a cup of warm water with 2tb of Apple Cider Vinegar. I love Braggs—organic, raw, unfiltered, and with the ‘Mother’ (the good bits—naturally occurring chain-like strands of protein molecules!). ACV is renowned for controlling blood glucose and insulin levels. After the blowouts of the holidays, it is essential to get off the merry-go-round of unhealthy, mindless eating. ACV is said to have anti-bacterial properties, and has been used as cleansing and healing agents for centuries. I find it really helps with my gut health after a period of indulgence.

2. Our skin is an organ and actually the largest and most important when it comes to detoxing. Dry skin brushing with a natural bristle brush helps support our other detox organs—the liver, kidneys, and digestive organs. By dry-brushing, we are eliminating the dead skin cells and excreted waste that can cause the pores to clog and restrict detoxification from the inside out. By neglecting our skin, we can wind up with an irritated bumpy complexion and all those toxins stuck inside causing havoc—not good for the camera! Make sure that your skin is dry (as in “not damp”), your bristles are natural, and you brush toward your heart and lymph glands—this will help boost immunity too.

A natural bristle body brush and beautiful Australian made body balm is a key step in keeping my skin and body healthy and well.

A natural bristle body brush and beautiful Australian made body balm is a key step in keeping my skin and body healthy and well.

3. Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% water and every system in our body relies on it. Water flushes toxins out of organs, helps carry nutrients to cells, and provides moist environments for ear, nose, and throat tissues. Dehydration cause us to lack energy and in severe cases can disrupt your body’s ability to operate. The recommended guideline of eight glasses a day comes in at just under 2 litres—this a great place to start. It’s a personal thing, as each of our bodies are different, but personally I feel like I’m at my best with 4 litres a day.

4. MOVE AND SWEAT!!!! This is a no brainer—I don’t need to say anymore. Go to the gym, do a yoga class, dance your butt off in front of the mirror, whatever—just move your body!!

10 minutes of daily voice work. I bet we all spend at least triple that time scrolling Facebook daily—get off-line and on-voice now! (I’ve deleted Facebook from phone!)

I hope this exciting month kickstarts a killer year for you all.


Ali xx

Alison McGirr QUT (BA Acting) is a lover of life, Activewear, and orange lipstick. Awarded the prestigious Jennifer Blocksidge Honour and Grant, she staged her first theatre production, The Interview, shortly after. Alison is part of The Heath Ledger Young Artist’s Oral History project being conducted by the National Film and Sound Archive. Having appeared in Home and Away as Molly Brenner, a move to Ireland saw her work on hit TV shows Penny Dreadful and Vikings. Once back in Sydney she trained with the Ausralian Institute of Fitness uniting her passion for fitness and acting.